TIRAMISÙ, Easy to Make and Simply Delicious!

TIRAMISÙ, Easy to Make and Simply Delicious!

Dec 29, 2019Donatella Mulvoni

Is the most famous Italian dessert in the world. The name literally means “pick me up!” For a spoonful of joy, you will need only 6 ingredients and 15 minutes of prep time.



Yes, this is the meaning of the words ‘tirami-su,’ given to the reinvigorating effect of the two main ingredients: eggs and coffee. The original name “Tireme su,” comes from the dialect spoken in Treviso, a beautiful city not far from Venice in the northern region of Veneto. According to popular belief, the modern version of this dessert was created in the 1960s at restaurant called Le Beccherie. However, the origins of the most iconic Italian dolce are strongly disputed. In addition to Veneto, other regions such as Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piemonte and Tuscany claim to have given birth to the dessert. This great debate will likely never end!



According to another legendary story, tiramisù was created in the 19th century by the maîtresse of a brothel to bolster her clients at the end of a “challenging” night. Italians adore Tiramisu for its natural aphrodisiac effects.



The classic Italian Tiramisu is very easy and fun to make. All you need are 6 ingredients: coffee, mascarpone, eggs, sugar, savoiardi (ladyfinger cookies), and cocoa powder. Only 15 minutes of prep time and voilà, your tiramisu is ready and perfect for every occasion! For 6 people you need cold espresso coffee, 10 oz mascarpone, 3 egg yolks, 5 spoons of sugar, ladyfinger cookies, and cocoa powder to garnish. Beat eggs and sugar (you could use a mixer), add the mascarpone and mix creating a cream. Quickly dip the cookies into the cold coffee and make a layer of ladyfingers on a tray or a casserole dish. Cover the coffee-dipped cookies with the cream. Make the second layer of coffee-soaked cookies and finish with the cream. You can choose to make a two or three layered tiramisù. Place in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and serve chilled, sprinkled with cocoa powder. You could also create your ‘Tiramisù al bicchiere’ using glasses or cups for single-serving portions. 



To enrich the flavor, you can add some liquor to your coffee. You could use rum or even a Marsala wine. Do not exaggerate! Two or three teaspoons are just enough!



If you are in love with the flavor of authentic tiramisu, you should try the Biscotteria Bettina ‘Biscotto Tiramisu,’ a cookie inspired by this famous Italian dessert.

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