Italian Tour: Welcome to the Marche region.

Italian Tour: Welcome to the Marche region.

Jan 22, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

It’s not the first choice when you think about going to Italy on vacation for ten days, but this region is a hidden gem!

Marche, one of the smalles and least well-known gems of Italy

The Marche region doesn't pop up right away in the tourists' minds. Cities like Rome, Naples, Milan, Florence are so famous that you must go, of course. Even Italians don’t really know this region. And it is a shame - in our opinion - because the Marche has so many villages that are able to bring you in a completely different world.  

A region rich of history and tradition

Marchigiani – Marche residents - warmly welcome you in their little and rare treasure. Marche (the name refers to the March of Ancona) is located in the middle of Italy. It has a great position. It is surrounded by Abruzzo, Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria, and Emilia Romagna. This region has a huge abundance of Medieval architecture.

 “Cucina tipica” and simple dishes

Its culinary tradition is made of very simple dishes, with fresh vegetables, local products, and meat. Everybody over there thinks that food cooked at home is always better than restaurant food. We are talking about recipes taught to the new generations by mothers and grandmothers. Each local area has its original “cucina tipica”, the region typical cuisine.
ANCONA is the capital; its city center is very rich in history (check Church of St. Ciriaco). The weather in Ancona is typically mild. People there, love to cook fish and seafood. Along the coast, Ancona is one of the biggest stock fish (dried salt cod) importers. Very popular are also truffles, chicken, rabbit, and snails. The food culture of Marche has been greatly influenced by other regions. A dish that we suggest you to try here in Ancona is “Tagliatelle with duck sauce”. You can add bacon or ham. The sauce is poured on just drained tagliatelle.
MACERATA was built in the 10th and 11th centuries near the ruins of the ancient Roman town. You can see this link with the past in many buildings you will find in the city, for example, Loggia dei Mercanti and the cathedral. Surrounded by this history, you may try a very typical dish, the ciauscolo, a smoked and dry-cured sausage. Usually people who live there make it with pork meat and fat.

URBINO is with no doubt a pearl in the middle of the country. Urbino also is a city rich in art. When you walk on these streets, pay attention, you may walk all the way, with your eyes facing the magnificent palazzi. Among the “primi piatti” which are very famous, we have vincigrassi. It looks like lasagna, because of the similar shape, but they are really different because of the cooking method and the stuffing. Another traditional version of the vincigrassi has béchamel, ham, and truffles. While in Urbino, do not forget to get a crescia sfogliata. This flaky flatbread dates back to the Medieval age. Crescia sfogliata - filled with wild greens, cured meats, cheese or vegetables – it is very similar to the neighboring Romagna’s piadina (a flatbread).

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