5 Italian Picnic Sandwiches to Savor This Spring

5 Italian Picnic Sandwiches to Savor This Spring

Apr 05, 2024Federico Milone

Spring is a season of renewal, and that's the perfect excuse to try new recipes! Planning a picnic? Pack these delectable sandwiches for a delightful outdoor meal.

These sandwiches are more than just lunch; they're flavor explosions waiting to happen! Each option features high-quality Italian ingredients that can be customized to your taste.

1. The Classic with a Sophisticated Twist:

This crowd-pleaser is both familiar and exciting. Start with your favorite bread. Layer on salami with fennel seeds, creamy ricotta cheese, fresh tomato slices, and fragrant basil.

Pro Tip: Elevate this classic with sliced provolone cheese (dolce for a touch of sweetness) and grilled peppers in oil. The combination creates a delightful sweet-and-savory contrast.

2. Smoke & Spicy Symphony:

Calling all smoked-food enthusiasts! This sandwich features smoked spicy salami balanced by cool avocado cream, spreadable cheese, and vibrant peppers.

3. A taste of Italy on a Bun:

For a true taste of Italy, layer your bread with capocollo (cured pork neck), nutty Grana Padano cheese, and thinly sliced figs on your bread. Craving something fresher? Swap the filling for basil pesto and sweet datterini tomatoes.

4. Truffle Treasure Trove:

Indulge your inner gourmand with truffle salami, earthy porcini mushrooms, and caramelized onions. This decadent combination is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

5. A Spicy Delight:

Spread some hummus on your bread and top it with a medley of grilled vegetables and a spicy salami like schiacciata. This air-dried salami boasts a smoky depth and a fiery kick that cuts through the richness of the hummus and creaminess of the vegetables.

Take it Up a Notch with Condiments:

Feeling adventurous? Elevate your sandwiches with these delicious condiments:

  • Caper patéPairs beautifully with bold salamis like capocollo or soppressata.
  • Porcini pureeEnhances sandwiches with mushrooms or aged cheeses like Grana Padano.
  • Truffle sauceAdds a touch of luxury to sandwiches with premium salamis like truffle salami or bresaola.
  • Calabrian pestoInjects a kick of spice and Mediterranean flair.
  • Marinated eggplantsA versatile ingredient that complements various salamis and cheeses.
  • Grilled peppers in oil: Adds a pop of color and flavor to any sandwich.


Customization Tips

  • Adjust the salami and cheese quantities for lighter fare.
  • Incorporate fresh ingredients like salad greens, tomatoes, or grilled vegetables for a delightful crunch.

With these gourmet picnic sandwiches and customization tips, your springtime picnic is guaranteed to be a delicious success!


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