Pasticceria Cova Montenapoleone 1817

Pasticceria Cova is one of the oldest Italian pasticcerie. It was founded in 1817 by Antonio Cova, who served in Napoleone Bonaparte’s army. For almost two hundred years, Cova has been synonymous with style, elegance, finesse, and, of course, superb cakes and pastries.

The Iconic Italian Christmas Panettone Here in the US

The Cova panettone is the fruit of a long process, starting well 48 hours in advance with respect to the moment in which it becomes our Clients’ favourite product. It is the result of selected ingredients and a long and delicate work.

Luxury Gianduiotto in Red Box 17.60 Oz
Luxury Gianduiotto in Red Box 5.30 Oz
Luxury Gianduiotto in Gold Box 5.30 Oz