Luxury Chocolate Panettone 26.45 Oz

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Elevate your indulgence with Pasticceria Cova's Luxury Chocolate Panettone, a lavish 26.45 Oz masterpiece that redefines the art of Italian confectionery. Savor the harmonious blend of premium chocolate and traditional panettone, meticulously crafted by Pasticceria Cova, a name synonymous with luxury and excellence. Experience the perfect union of tradition and extravagance in every delectable bite.


Cova exquisite art of pastry making come at the service of the convivial art of dining and celebrating together. Christmas iconic cake, Panettone is the quintessential symbol of Cova delights. This Milanese panettone with dark chocolate is made by hand with superior quality natural ingredients and wrapped in golden paper and decorated with silk ribbons.

Wheat flour, dark chocolate chips(24%) (cocoa 39,1%, sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavoring), butter, sugar, pasteurized egg yolk, mother natural yeast(wheat flour), emulsifiers: fatty acid mono and diglycerides, low fat milk powder, cocoa butter, salt, barley malt extract, honey, flavorings.

Produced in a laboratory that uses other cereals containing gluten, nuts, soy, peanuts.

May contain traces of dried nuts and soy.

Whenever you feel like having a piece!

At Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is definitely a must after dinner.

Cova is one of Italy’s oldest Pasticceria and an international destination. Celebrated for its product excellence, impeccable service and fascinating interiors, Cova is an institution that exalts tailored craftsmanship and creativity.

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