Molino Grassi

Heritage Grano del Miracolo Wheat Flour 2.2 lb


Key Product Features

This organic wheat flour contains no GMO and no pesticides. It has a superior taste and aroma.


Grano del Miracolo Molino Grassi is an heritage ancient wheat, never crossed with any modern wheat. the gluten is 3 times easier to be digested than any other flour. The wheat is 100% Italian origin cultivated in the province of Parma. it is not organic but it is cultivated following the organic agriculture. Biodinamic. Perfect for pasta, bread, pizza, cookies

Organic wheat flour.

Perfect for all baking needs. Try it for cake, bread, pizza pasta or more!

Molino Grassi started in 1934 grinding soft wheat for bread making. By the 1960s the business had matured and it was time to explore new horizons. The second generation of the Grassi family introduced the production of semolina, becoming one of the first mills to grind durum wheat in Northern Italy. It also became one of the first mills to embrace the importance of the organic movement. This opened up a whole new market and paved the way for collaborations with leading international brands and companies in the baby food sector.

Now in its third generation, Molino Grassi has established itself in Europe as leader for its innovative wheat milling processes as well as for its commitment to the restoration of the world’s best heirloom grains.

The name Molino Grassi represents a guarantee of high quality and food safety.

Today the company boasts a modern and technologically advanced milling plant that grinds 220 tons of durum wheat and 220 tons of soft wheat per day.

Each year Molino Grassi grinds over 120,000 tons of grains: 70,000 tons of durum wheat for the production of dry and fresh pasta and 50,000 tons of soft wheat for the production of bread, pizza, sweet bakery and fresh pasta.