Eggplant Strips 9.87 Oz

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Key Product Features

Indulge in the delicious and healthy taste of these Italian Eggplant Strips. Made from the freshest eggplants and seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, these crispy strips are a perfect snack or appetizer.

These eggplants preserved in oil are treated by hand following a recipe that goes back to great and ancient culinary traditions of the Sila.

Eggplants, Sunflowers seed-oil, Salt, Vinegar, Sweet Peppers, Oregano, Fennel-seeds, Garlic. Acidity corrector: Citric acid.

Ideal as an appetizer, centerpiece, side dish or to accompany and give flavor to every dish.

SALPA Srl is located in Petronà, a municipality on the slopes of the Sila Piccola, a natural ledge at circa 2953 ft. a.s.l. that faces the Calabrian Ionian Sea. For over 35 years SALPA has been working in the agricultural and food sector and for over 60 years, as Capellupo’s family, in the industry of mushrooms and chestnuts.

The first and foremost goal of the company consisted in the processing, transformation and wholesale of fresh and dried mushrooms as well as chestnuts. At the beginning this represented a seasonal activity, related to the period of production of goods which were plentiful and of a superior and unique quality in the neighboring areas.

From the late 1980’s SALPA has expanded its activity by introducing a selection of in oil preserves including, mushrooms, soil products such as chili peppers, tomatoes, olives, eggplants, as well as a new line of frozen and dried mushrooms. All carefully selected and wrapped in large and small packaging sizes.

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