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Eggplants Caponata 6.3 Oz

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Transport your taste buds to Sicily with our Eggplants Caponata! Made from the finest ingredients, our caponata is bursting with flavor and perfect for adding a touch of Sicilian tradition to your antipasti and sides.

A Sicilian recipe prepared utilizing the traditions of the region. First the eggplant is fried off and the onion chopped into cubes, the ingredients unify with the celery and are gently boiled with the olives and capers in a traditional tomato sauce. The finishing touches of sweet and sour are added with the addition of a spoonful of sugar and of vinegar to complete this Sicilian gourmet classic.

Fried eggplants, crushed tomato, onions, olives, celery, "capers from pantelleria IGP" 3%, extra virgin oil, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, sugar, salt.

This typical Sicilian recipe can be served as a simple cold plate, as a side dish or as a light lunch.

For over 32 years the Campo d’Oro company has been producing a vast line of preserves, continuing and reinventing a family tradition that has been dedicated to the production of preserves for 2 generations.

Through innovative research and development processes Campo d'Oro tries to produce preserves with a high quality and territoriality, designed for a healthy and balanced diet with particular attention to the family, a natural lifestyle, and a balanced diet.
Constantly seeking care for Sicilian craftsmanship and tradition, and the freshness of the raw material, having an eye of respect for the environment and for society.
The company's Mission is the constant specialization in promoting the Sicilian culinary tradition in the most authentic and unique way possible, with deep conviction and great personality.

Campo d'Oro has opened a warehouse in Chicago to be closer to the various requests of our customers, in fact, the United States remains their reference market, without neglecting Europe and Asia.

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