Miscela D'Oro

Espresso Ground Coffee 8.8 Oz


Key Product Features

Our authentic Italian espresso ground coffee is made from the finest selection of Arabica and Robusta beans, carefully roasted to create a strong and aromatic flavor profile.

A superb blend of coffee with a full body, great aroma and a velvety cream in order to prepare an excellent espresso coffee at home.

- Medium roasting
- Aromatic, delicate, fragrant, mildly acidity, superb aftertaste

Premium Coffee Blend.

Roasted, Ground and Packed in Protective Atmosphere.

Perfect for making espresso, latte or americano!

With unchanged passion, the Urbano family commits to the project the patriarch started in 1946, roasting coffee that enhances the scent, the warmth and the aroma of a high-quality Italian coffee. The Urbano family business was started in 1946 in the heart of Messina, where founder Umberto with the help of his wife Emanuela, began roasting small amounts of coffee on an artisan level. The fundamental rule was to choose with the utmost care the highest quality raw beans.

Today Miscela d’Oro is present in over 40 countries, to which it exports over 50% of its production. The small artisan coffee shop has transformed into a dynamic business, aimed at the future, determined to position itself among the top leaders in the business on the global market, a company that is always ready to answer to evolving consumers with new products while continuing its attentiveness to quality and the consistency of the taste and aroma appreciated by consumers worldwide.

Tasting Miscela d’Oro coffee is like rediscovering the flavors, the scents and the tastes of tradition.

It means to indulge in a break of pure pleasure no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Offered in Beans, ground coffee, pods or capsules, Miscela d’Oro always has the right product for anybody’s preference.