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This Evoo is made from Taggiasca olives picked solely from the “Martine Fascei” terraces belonging to the Mela family, situated at approximately 500 metres above sea level. The olives are particularly tasty as they come from trees growing in the “mountains”. Its production depends on the availability of the olives which are picked slightly before they are completely ripe giving them a fragrant smell, a sweet, fruity taste and a special aroma. This extra virgin olive oil is rich in natural antioxidants, and thanks to the altitude and to its particular treatment, it has an intense and vivacious character with a fragrance and taste that last a long time. It has an acidity level of less than 0,3%.

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Great for cooking or as topping to cold dishes.

The oil mill of Frantoio D'Oneglia is located in the small, picturesque village of Sant`Agata d`Oneglia, in the hilly countryside of Imperia, overlooking the Ligurian coast, where their family has been making typical regional products from our small, highly aromatic Taggiasca olives for over 190 years. The olive trees are pruned and harvested by hand. The rhythm of the seasons revolves around the harvest. 

This company's great success lies in the fact that the products are not mass-produced, and their consistently high quality is appreciated by lovers of Mediterranean cuisine from France to Germany, from Japan to North America, as well as by famous chefs and the best delicatessen dealers.

They are are a member of the elite group –“Corporatione dei Master Oliari", which is dedicated to the manufacture of, and research into, olive oil. They have received the highest accolade from the "Ercole Olivario" chamber of commerce, with the classification “fruity” for our oil and the award of COUNTRY FAIR Olive Oil of the World, - the "Oscars for the olive", in L.A.

The history of the olive oil mill of Sant’Agata d’Oneglia and the Mela family is inextricably linked to the history of Taggiasca olive trees: a variety which was introduced to the west coast of Liguria by Benedictine monks in 1600.

In 1827, the Mela family – one of the oldest families in Sant’Agata d’Oneglia – began to dedicate themselves to the production of extra virgin olive oil, pressing the sweet, tasty Taggiasca olives with the help of the village’s small stone press, which was operated by expending great physical effort.

Nowadays, this type of press has been replaced by new technology and more modern methods of production, which are able to ensure the quality and authenticity that customers look for and appreciate.

However, even though more modern equipment has replaced the old methods of production, the principles underlying the production of olive oil, and the passion and ability of the Mela family remain unaltered. These are the very values responsible for the success of the traditional recipes of the Mill and its extra virgin olive oil.

Its specialities are the first choice of chefs working in the most famous restaurants, as well as the most discerning delicatessen shops that promote typical Ligurian flavours, in countries as far apart as France and Germany, the United States and Japan.

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