Frantoio Muraglia

Ginger Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6.76 Fl Oz

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Key Product Features

When excellence is contaminated, aroma becomes essence. The blending of flavours, their fusion, takes place during the production process. They stay together and are pressed together with the olives.

We have selected PGI lemon from Rocca Imperiale, celery from Apulia, ginger, chilli from Calabria, dop basil from Genoa and garlic to create delicate but distinctive alchemies of taste. Aroma that becomes essence.

Frantoio Muraglia has decided to combine the purity of its extra virgin olive oil with raw materials selected and sought after from the excellence of the territory. A tasteful combination that finds its stylistic signature in the word fusion.

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 90%, ginger 10%.

The ginger aromatic oil can be paired with crudités, salads and cakes.

Frantoio Muraglia was born in Andria, capital of the Apulia oil region, five generations ago, but the real family patriarch has watched the seasons come and go for no fewer than 450 years – a majestic coratina olive-tree, a native cultivar whose wealth of polyphenols is almost unmatched among the 538 classified Italian varieties.

This company's history as oil producers begins with a green giant that stands tall over their olive groves – some 40 hectares in the uplands of Murgia. It was Savino Muraglia senior who bought this tree to press its olives for oil, defying all those who told him there was no fortune to be made from land and olives. As to who had the right of it, only time will tell!

One thing for certain is that our tenacious great great-grandfather – cross-grained or “stubborn as a mule”, as they say in Apulia where people don’t mince words – did it his way and launched the long history of an oil which is now on gourmet shelves in forty countries. But many things have remained utterly unchanged in all this time, beginning with their promise to preserve the biodiversity of the agricultural landscape and to protect the plants of strategic importance for our supply, such as the olive trees themselves.

Frantoio Muraglia still pick their olives by hand and press them cold in the ancient stone press. Their goal is always to make the finest Italian extra virgin oil, absolutely without compromise.

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