Frantoio D'Orazio

Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8.5 Fl Oz

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Key Product Features

Elevate your dishes with the refreshing zing of Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, presented in an 8.5 Fl Oz bottle and lovingly crafted by the renowned producer, Frantoio D'Orazio. This premium olive oil infuses your culinary creations with the bright, citrusy essence of lemon, enhancing the flavors without overwhelming them.

A unique collection of flavored oils born from the fusion of extra virgin olive oil and the aromatic essences typical of the Mediterranean, in bottles with delicate pastel colors. A palette of taste and fragrance, of beauty and personality, capable of adding flavor and character to every dish.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, natural lemon flavoring

Highly versatile, it can be used raw on fresh vegetables and salads, or for cooking to enhance the flavors of fish dishes, soups, and egg pasta recipes

Frantoio D’Orazio is surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and even more ancient peasant traditions. It's a place where the ancient ritual of extracting extra virgin olive oil has been carried out for three generations now. Francesco, like his uncle Peppino and his grandfather before him, carries on the family tradition with dedication to beauty and authentic goodness, in a land where time passes slowly. In a world where nature determines the rhythm of rural life, the annual ritual of harvesting olives is celebrated. Whether they're green, black, small, or large, today, as in the past, we harvest these precious fruits from our countryside with the same dedication and passion for all things good and genuine. The olives we select and process become the premium extra virgin olive oil that offers unforgettable moments of pleasure for the palate.

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