Organic Chinotto 12 fl oz


Key Product Features

Indulge in the classic Italian bitter soda with our Organic Chinotto. Made with carefully selected ingredients, including organic chinotto fruit, this refreshing beverage offers a unique balance of bitter and sweet flavors. Enjoy it on its own or use it as a mixer for cocktails.

Made using the Juice and pulp of organic citrus fruits carefully selected from southern Italy and the Mediterranean area. The unique flavors and aromas of fresh fruit ripened on the tree, give life to original recipes.

Carbonated water, Cane sugar*, Caramel color*, Natural flavors, Citric acid, Natural myrtle leaf, Orange Flavor.

*From organic farming.

As a thirst-quencher, with a couple of cubes of ice and a slice of lemon or orange or some zest or peel, these organic drinks are excellent for cocktails and mocktails.

Located on the hills near Rimini, Galvanina takes its name from the eponymous mineral water spring.
For a century, Galvanina has been bottling mineral water, transforming the initial artisanal process, into a fully-fledged industrial operation.
Galvanina now owns and operates three production premises, as well as the Val di Meti Source, located in the central Apennines.
The company is renowned for its continuous research into improving quality, the use of the very best ingredients, its sustainable operations and its artisanal attention to detail.
Galvanina is present in over 50 countries with its own brand or top-quality retail brands.
Currently, Galvanina produces and bottles mineral water, flavored water, flavored mineral water, organic carbonated soft drinks, and mixers, ad well ad iced-teas.