Salami Milano 7 Oz

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Experience the Milano Salami, a true Italian delight. Delicately seasoned with white pepper, it's the perfect prelude to any dinner, making it an exceptional choice for your friends. Available exclusively on the Magnificofood online store.

This salami is gently spiced and it captivates the nose and embraces the palate with a delicate release of walnut and white pepper.

This deli meat is originating from Codogno and San Colombano al Lambro, in the province of Milan. It used to be produced with pork and beef. Today the recipe uses only pork and it is a salami known all over the world. Its fresh aroma, with hints of nuts and the finely chopped rice grain mixture define its character. The taste is round with a pronounced and lingerin

Pigs born and bread in Italy. Italian pork meat, sea salt, sugar, Garda Merlot PDO wine, spice, sodium ascorbate, garlic, lactic acid started culture, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrite.

The perfect marriage for Salami Milano can only be with the michetta bread, but a fresh and unusual alternative is matched with a salad of red chicory cut into strips with diced apple and raisins, all seasoned with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Also excellent with a milk roll, a light mustard base and a slice of tomato.

Salami Milano can be accompanied with a good Valtellina Superiore GCDO, or with a Valcalepio Rosso boasting an ethereal aroma and a persistent flavor with light hints of black cherry. Perfect for your charcuterie board.

For over a century, Levoni has been synonymous with top quality deli meats, delicious recipes that tell the whole tradition of Italian charcuterie.

The art of producing deli meats has been handed down in Levoni's family for four generations, and it’s a responsibility that they continue to honor today.

All of their recipes stem from pigs born, bred and processed in Italy, and from premium quality meats that are carefully selected and processed. The use of spices - which make the most of their taste and extol their quality - bears witness to this company's respect for the raw materials.

Together with the greatest Italian flavorists, Levoni has developed the best mixtures of spices fully respecting the traditional recipes of the different Italian regions. The finest spices, their daily grinding and the use of the best natural flavorings are a key part of their creations of excellence.

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