Smoked Spicy Salame 7 Oz

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Salami with chilli pepper. Rich in subtle tones of smokiness and seasoning, with a measured dose of tantalizing spiciness.

This salami has the typical grenade shape, a medium-grained paste, firm texture, and it is wrapped in a natural casing. When sliced, it releases a pleasant, slightly smoky, delicately spicy aroma, and in the mouth it gives an explosion of articulated and balanced flavours.

It must be cut using a knife, keeping a thickness of approximately 3-4 mm for each slice.

Pigs born and bread in Italy. Italian pork meat, sea salt, spices, sugar, flavour(sunflower oil, chili pepper, garlic, coriander and nutmeg extract),sodium ascorbate, lactic acid started culture, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrite.

This smoked salami boasts a sharp, delicious flavour with a rustic and slightly salty bread, perhaps enriched with a light layer of mascarpone cheese. Since we like experimenting, we suggest tasting it accompanied with slices of avocado or, again, with a salad of boiled potatoes, peeled and diced, allowed to cool and seasoned with oil, salt and chives.

It is a salami that supports well red, full-bodied wines, like an Aglianico. Do not underestimate to accompany it with a Trappist beer produced with the ancient method of high fermentation.

For over a century, Levoni has been synonymous with top quality deli meats, delicious recipes that tell the whole tradition of Italian charcuterie.

The art of producing deli meats has been handed down in Levoni's family for four generations, and it’s a responsibility that they continue to honour today. 

All of their recipes stem from pigs born, bred and processed in Italy, and from premium quality meats that are carefully selected and processed. The use of spices - which make the most of their taste and extol their quality - bears witness to this company's respect for the raw materials.

Together with the greatest Italian flavourists, Levoni has developed the best mixtures of spices fully respecting the traditional recipes of the different Italian regions. The finest spices, their daily grinding and the use of the best natural flavourings are a key part of their creations of excellence.

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