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Truffle lovers, here is the perfect box for you! Get it for yourself or as a special gift to any truffle lover in your life. This box contains 6 special truffle based products and 1 pack of pasta, perfect to be used with one of the truffle condiments you'll find!

- Truffle Zest 2.11 oz (Sku: Sav/Tru/Zest/2.11)

- Honey and Truffle 4.23 oz (Sku: Sav/Hon/Truf/4.23)

- Truffle Gatherer's Sauce 3.17 oz (Sav/Sau/Gath/3.17)

- Olive Oil with Black Truffle 8.45 oz (Sku: Sav/Oil/Bla/8.5)

- Linguine Pasta 1 lb (Sku: RUM/LIN/1LB)

- Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6.76fl oz (Sku: Mur/Aro/Bas/7.06)

- "Ready to Cook" Truffle Risotto 8.8 oz (Sku: Mar/Ris/Tru/8.8)

- Sea Salt with Summer Truffle 3.45 oz (Sku: Sav/Salt/Tru/3.5)

In the case that one or more of the items in your box is temporarily unavailable at the time of your order, we will replace it with a comparable item of equal or greater value.

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Savini Tartufi

Tenuta Margherita


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