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Jul 03, 2020Federico Milone


The ritual happens in summer, from May to September, because “our tomatoes reach the right ripening level, when the organoleptic properties are at their best and the rhythms of nature are fully respected”. When tomatoes are ripe and become bright red is the right time for harvest: Agromonte staff pick tomatoes by hand, bunch by bunch. Soon after harvest, cherry tomatoes are carefully selected by experts who check their quality. The transformation process begins after the washing and the selection: “this is how our tomatoes become Agromonte specialties, following ancient Sicilian traditions”. Cherry and datterino tomatoes are the two varieties used by Agromonte to ensure the highest quality of every product. According to the different seasonal phases the company utilizes from 25 to 150 employees. The daily production is thousands of units, created in various types of packaging: trays, jars of various sizes and bottles.



Agromonte specialties are always the best answer if you are trying to make a pasta or a bruschetta that keeps authentic the real Sicilian flavors. You can enjoy different versions of ready to use cherry tomato pasta sauce and sauces like: “Arrabbiata Pasta sauce of Cherry Tomato and hot pepper”, “Norma Pasta Sauce”, “Pasta Sauce of Cherry Tomato and ricotta cheese”, if you are looking for a delicious pasta, but you don´t have much time to cook. Or “Passata of cherry tomato” and “Datterino Tomato” if you want to create your own dish! And as an appetizer, you can always rely on the “Bruschettas” sauces!



For all products, Agromonte company guarantees rigorous quality standards. The quality policy is reflected daily in the careful selection of raw materials available all year round thanks to cultivation in a protected environment. Agromonte products are B.R.C. certified and I.F.S., moreover, the company implements a rigorous sanitary self-control plan, drawn up by our specialized technicians, and follows the HACCP system, as required by current EU regulations. 

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