Acqua al 2: Where Florence’s Culinary Tradition Meets Global Flair

Acqua al 2: Where Florence’s Culinary Tradition Meets Global Flair

Dec 01, 2023Federico Milone

Acqua al 2 has been a beloved haven for locals and global travelers since its establishment in 1978. Nestled in the heart of Florence's historic center, this restaurant and bar offer a truly distinctive experience.

As you step inside Acqua al 2, you'll be welcomed by a unique ambiance. The low, well-calibrated lights, carefully chosen colors, and warm wooden tables create an atmosphere that's unparalleled. What immediately catches your eye are the hundreds of plates adorning the walls. These plates are no ordinary decor; they bear the signatures of international actors and musicians who have graced Acqua al 2 with their presence.


The Kitchen: A Fusion of Passion and Tradition


Acqua al 2's culinary philosophy revolves around passion, creativity, and a deep connection to the region's culinary heritage. The restaurant sources its ingredients from the bountiful surrounding areas and infuses them into reimagined recipes from Tuscany, Italy, and beyond.

The highlight of the menu is the legendary BLUEBERRY FILLET, a creation that has been a culinary sensation since 1978. Acqua al 2 is the exclusive home of the original Blueberry Fillet, a dish that has captured the hearts and palates of countless diners over the years.

What makes the Blueberry Fillet so extraordinary is the harmonious combination of flavors. Succulent, tender fillet mignon is paired with a blueberry sauce that's both sweet and savory, creating a taste sensation that is simply unforgettable. This signature dish is a testament to Acqua al 2's dedication to culinary innovation while remaining firmly rooted in tradition.

But the story of the blueberry doesn't end here. Acqua al 2's blueberry sauce, born from this culinary masterpiece, is so renowned that it's now available to savor at home. You can find this delectable blueberry sauce on Magnifico Food, allowing you to add a touch of Acqua al 2's magic to your own culinary creations.


In a city celebrated for its rich culinary tradition, Acqua al 2 stands out as a beacon of global flair fused with Florence's timeless charm. It's a place where history and innovation come together on your plate, offering an unforgettable dining experience for all who visit.


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