Fiasconaro: A Sicilian Culinary Fairytale Celebrating 70 Years of Excellence

Fiasconaro: A Sicilian Culinary Fairytale Celebrating 70 Years of Excellence

Nov 20, 2023Federico Milone

A sweet legacy from sicily to the world


The tale of the Fiasconaro family is a love story with their homeland, where their sweets have brought the dreamy essence of Sicily to millions around the world. This enduring fairytale unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of the Madonie Park, stemming from the heart of the medieval village of Castelbuono (PA) and has reached over 60 countries.


A journey through generations


It all began in 1953 when Mario opened a small gelateria in Piazza Margherita, remembered for its delightful citrus granita, crafted with ice from local snowhouses. Soon after, it gave birth to the multi-award-winning family patisserie – a true laboratory of taste, symbolizing the heights of Sicilian haute patisserie both in Italy and across the globe.


Crafting excellence with local ingredients


The fusion of the Fiasconaro art of confectionery with the finest local Madonie ingredients births high patisserie creations that narrate a tale of beauty and craftsmanship. It's a timeless art, honed through experience and tradition, carried forward by the third generation of pastry chefs who remain steadfast to the values of their origins.


A sweet tribute to seventy years


Revisiting the milestones of their history, the company celebrates its seventieth year with a reinterpretation of the first panettone that emerged from the pastry artistry of Master Nicola Fiasconaro – the "Mannetto." Thus, a leavened creation with a Sicilian soul is born, a result of the union of pandoro and panettone, but staunchly Fiasconaro in identity – the Montenero.

With its dark dough infused with Sicilian chocolate and hints of lemon, the Montenero is a tribute by Mario Fiasconaro, the third-generation pastry chef and namesake of his grandfather, marking the company's seventy-year journey. Additionally, a selection of iconic Fiasconaro leavened products is adorned with a special attire, giving rise to a collection that celebrates the path taken during these long years of craftsmanship.


Iconic leavened creations


A selection of iconic Fiasconaro leavened products – Traditional, citrus and Sicilian saffron, apricot, and "Modica IGP Chocolate" – is elegantly adorned, giving life to a collection that celebrates and commemorates the journey undertaken during these seventy years of craftsmanship. Fiasconaro's legacy continues, offering a sweet slice of Sicilian tradition and innovation for all to savor.


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