Aiello Caffè

Aiello Caffè

Dec 26, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

From Calabria hails this perfect blend for your daily “coffee ritual.” Passion, tradition, innovation, and high quality combine to capture the best experience of authentic Italian espresso.

Do you have time for un caffè? The “coffee moment” is a ritual in Italy. Every morning begins with either “una tazzina di caffè,” strong, concentrated espresso in a ceramic or glass cup, or un cappuccino, hot, milky coffee with foam. Then, during the day every Italian earns a well-deserved pausa caffè, a brief break with our favorite black elixir! Since the 1500s, Italy has developed its own, sacred “coffee culture”…and Caffè Aiello is a fundamental part of this extraordinary history.


Coffee Roasting Company from enchanting Calabria

The Aiello roasting company is based in the Calabria region, the “toe of the boot” in southern Italy, a beautiful land lapped by the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas. Established in 1967 by founder Gaetano Aiello as a small artisanal roasting house, Caffè Aiello is now an internationally-renowned company. Just as it did in its early days, Aiello proudly uses only high-quality raw materials to create the perfect cup of Italian espresso.


Innovation and Excellence

Quality is the guiding principle at the core of every cup of Aiello coffee. Aiello produces the finest coffee, rigorously respecting standards of excellence. Aiello’s dedication to the craft of coffee-making thus preserves the artistry and philosophy of the real Italian caffè experience—you can feel it in every single sip. Aiello devotes great attention to concocting the best coffee: sourcing pure raw materials, seeking fine varieties, and creating excellent blends. While the company has always invested in technological innovation, it steadfastly maintains an “artisanal roasting house” approach.


Rigorously enviroment-friendly

Respecting and protecting the environment is an essential prerogative for Aiello. The company is deeply committed to preserving nature, tirelessly launching initiatives designed to protect the environment. The entire production process is subjected to strict protocols that comply with national and international ecological guidelines. However, Aiello’s devotion to the environment goes above and beyond legal requirements:  the coffee is packaged in recyclable materials, and pods are made with a special, biodegradable filter paper made of 100% natural cellulose fiber.


When coffee meets cinema

Aiello proudly supports Italian cinema: the Cannes, Venice, and Taormina Film Festivals have Aiello’s passionate support and sponsorship. Thanks to this perfect marriage between two of Italy’s most outstanding cultural and material exports, when you drink a cup of this delicious coffee, you know that you are sipping the official “Coffee of Italian Cinema.”

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