Ternuta Margherita, the Italian traditional rice

Tenuta Margherita, the Italian traditional rice

Nov 22, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

Born in 1903, this company’s long history is the key to its success. Tenuta Margherita is located near Vercelli, in the Piemonte region. The company follows its rice through all stages of production. Thanks to the use of stone mills, Tenuta Margherita’s rice retains its fullest organoleptic and nutritional properties.



In each mouthful of Tenuta Margherita’s risotto, you can taste more than one hundred years of history. In fact, Tenuta Margherita was founded in 1904 in a small farmhouse in the Piedmont region of northeastern Italy.  Starting as just “an idea and a few simple emotions,” year after year, Tenuta Margherita became synonymous with quality and trust for its customers. Their rice mill is located in Desana, near Vercelli, one of the oldest cities in northern Italy. It’s no surprise that Tenuta Margherita was founded here: Vercelli is a notorious hub for rice cultivation, due to the favorable climactic conditions of the Po valley.



“Care” is key in every step in the processing of the rice. The company describes itself as “unchanged, just like the emotions that, after a hundred years, still characterize our work”. Tenuta Margherita would never have been so successful if had it not honored tradition. However, the company remains aware of the challenges and the evolution Tenuta Margherita must face in order to grow.



Tenuta Margherita's owner, Davide Brusa, and his team pay close attention to the rice through all stages of its production, taking care of every detail. “Slowness and gentleness are essential to our company,” says Brusa. “Only in this way is it possible to achieve excellence: the principles of our work come together in these two words. Our attention to detail and our historical machines define the essence of our work: the pursuit of perfection."



The rice maintains all of its organoleptic and nutritional properties thanks to Tenuta Margherita's gentle stone milling process. With this method, the company guarantees an unparalleled cooking experience. The rice preserves its flavor while also maintaining separate and compact grains.

Tenuta Margherita has multiple categories of products. These include “The Special Selection”, in which Carnaroli, Arborio, and Vialone Nano rices undergo the finest vintage production process and flaunt superior grain size and cooking performance. Tenuta Margherita also offers the “Traditional Line”, designed primarily for the food service industry to serve some of the best chefs in Italy and around the world. Their “Special Rices” are a must-have, and come in three variants: Venere, Ermes, and Apollo. Each of these displays intense intense color and deep aroma, ideal for both innovative dishes and exotic variations of classics. Since rice takes a long time to cook, Tenuta Margherita also created “Ready to Cook Risotto”. These quick- and easy-to-make packages include truffle risotto, saffron risotto, or different types of vegetable risotti. For a quick snack, also try Tenuta Margherita’s rice cookies!

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