Miscela D'Oro, the story of traditional Italian coffee

Miscela d'Oro, the story of traditional Italian coffee

Nov 16, 2020Federico Milone

Miscela D’Oro’s story of love and coffee started in 1946, just after the end of World War II. In Sicily, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, a young couple founded a small coffee roasting company. Today, Miscela d’Oro is a household name in Italy, expanding into over 40 countries.



In 1946, spouses Emanuela and Umberto Urbano started roasting small amounts of coffee on an artisan level in the beautiful Sicilian coastal town of Messina. They named their coffee Miscela d’Oro, the gold blend

Since the beginning of their journey, the Urbanos have poured their energy into creating a delicious Italian coffee with enhanced warmth and aroma.



The Urbano family still runs the company with unflinching passion. Their secret? They carefully select the highest quality coffee beans. Following Umberto and Emanuela, the second generation of Urbanos — led by Francesco — invested in research to expand and modernize the company while preserving its roots as an artisanal family business

Nowadays, the proud third generation of Urbano coffee roasters is focused on projecting Miscela d’Oro onto the global market, and the family’s generations of experience make this coffee irresistible

The small artisan coffee shop has evolved into a dynamic business determined to position itself among the leaders in the global coffee market

After 74 years, the family still offers the best qualities of coffee through an extraordinary blend of experience and tradition. Miscela d’Oro is currently on sale in over 40 countries, and on Magnifico!



The Urbanos describe their coffee as high-quality, elegant, and simple, but it is also innovative. Miscela d’Oro is always ready to answer to evolving consumers needs with new products, while preserving its care for quality and rich flavor.

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