Terre Di Puglia - Reinventing the art of “taralli” the most popular Italian snack

Terre Di Puglia - Reinventing the art of “taralli” the most popular Italian snack

Nov 10, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

Simple and delicious products from Apulia, one of the most charming Italian regions
Among Italy's 20 regions, Puglia - or Apulia as it is known in the US - is one of the divinest pearls. Fascinating towns rich of history and culture, amazing beaches and stunning landscapes, incomparable food and wine. Here, in this fascinating land, Nicola Visaggio of “Terre di Puglia” re-invented the art of “taralli” the beloved and most popular Italian snack. These traditional crunchy crackers shaped into rings, are aperitivo and snack time favorites. After 16 years, Terre di Puglia continues to passionately promote the Italian excellence all over the world with delicious and high quality products. Quality always comes first for Terre di Puglia! The mission is to defend the Italian gastronomic tradition, and preserve the taste of old recipes with a touch of innovation.
You don't need many complicated elaborations to create a masterpiece! “Terre di Puglia” taralli are made with simple ingredients: flour, white wine and salt, and of course extra virgin olive oil: the key ingredient in the Italian cooking tradition. “We grew up mixing Apulian traditional recipes, such a rich and varied region as its dishes – state the producers - Simple ingredients, so poor in appearance, yet rich of unique flavors. Our passion is to let you know this goodness.” Taralli “Terre di Puglia” come from the authentic tradition: the boiling process that preserves the authentic taste of the ancient “Pugliese” recipe and allows you to fully experience this Italian pleasure.
It's always the right time for a handful of taralli. Italians enjoy them literally at any time of the day, from breakfast to coffee break; from lunch to dinner, and of course at spritz time! What drink to pair with? You have several choices: wine, prosecco, and even beer. Terre di Puglia taralli are also the perfect choice for vegetarians and vegans!
Start with the classic Tarallini, the traditional recipe with simple ingredients like wheat flour, white wine, and a touch of extra virgin olive oil. Tarallini with Fennel Seeds are aromatic and fragrant, perfect also as starters. Looking for something exciting and different? You should try Tarallini Pizza (what else?), Tarallini Pesto with a delicate flavor of basil, or Taralli cacio e pepe, cheesy and delicious! For your sweet tooth, here you go: Cocoa Taralli Cookies. And last but not least, Classic Square Crackers! Because pleasure comes also in a squared shape!

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