Bio Orto, a leader in organic fruits and vegetables.

Bio Orto, a leader in organic fruits and vegetables.

Nov 02, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

In Europe, BioOrto is the leading brand for top-quality organic fruits and vegetables. The Passalacqua family has proudly run the company for generations: “BioOrto is the child we have raised, nurtured for years, and seen reach maturity. We are the Passalacqua family, a family whose success is founded on willpower and hard work, a family that loves its work, and is here to guide it into the world.”



What makes BioOrto’s fruits and vegetables so different from those of their competitors is not only the Passalacqua family’s dedication to the project, but also the climate of the area where the company operates. This land at the foot of the Gargano National Park in Puglia enjoys the ideal conditions for cultivation. In fact, BioOrto’s land is naturally aerated and irrigated by mineral water, which trickles down the slopes of the Gargano mountain and enriches the soil without stagnating.



Beyond their wide offerings of vegetables and fresh fruit, BioOrto also promotes products made with their organic ingredients. You can sample different kinds of extra virgin olive oil: Monocultivar Paranza (balanced bitterness and spiciness with low acidity); Monocultivar Coratina; or Ogliarola Garganica (unique to the Gargano area, with a distinctive golden color). BioOrto also boasts top-quality canned goods, including tomato passata and the arrabbiata tomato sauce; sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil (ideal as appetizers, or in sandwiches and pasta sauces); organic artichokes; and organic butternut squash (which can enrich risotto or pasta).



Though BioOrto has grown exponentially, becoming the first company to achieve large-scale vegetable cultivation and exportation in the Daunian Apennines, it remains the Passalacquas’ “youngest child,” their pet project. Giulia Passalacqua, daughter of the founder, Nino, says, “All our vegetables and fruits are patiently sown and cultivated in soil that is well preserved with adequately spaced rotations. They are picked by hand and then freshly packed for the tables of those who appreciate produce cultivated with care and respect.” Giulia, her husband Mirko, and her brothers Tiziano and Nino Jr., follow in Nino’s footsteps to maintain the well-renowned quality associated with BioOrto. Their enthusiasm for research and innovation ensure the year-round availability of each product, one of BioOrto’s defining characteristics.

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