ASdoMAR, when the flavors of the seas come into a jar

ASdoMAR, when the flavors of the seas come into a jar

Feb 08, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

This Italian company is specialized in canned fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel. Why are we so proud of them? Because their products are fresh and delicious, are sustainable and “Friend of the Sea” certified.

Since 1980, best fishing practices

We are incredibly proud to welcome into the Magnifico family this company that has made sustainability its hallmark. ASdoMAR pays obsessive attention to the impact of its products on the environment. This producer was established in the 1980s in Olbia, in the spectacular Sardinia island. With an artisanal approach, ASdoMAR produces its canned fish respecting the best fishing practices. For example, their staple Yellowfin tuna is fished, processed, and packed on the same day! Their new plant in Olbia is the most modern in Europe, and it guarantees a future to the tuna processing tradition in Sardinia.

Sustainable fishing

ASdoMAR is very rigorous when it comes to the impact of its products on the environment. They only use “Friend of the Sea” certified fish by the World Sustainability Organization, certificating seafood from sustainable fisheries and sustainable aquaculture. As the CEO Giovanni Battista Valsecchi says, “We believe that the most important challenge for canned fish producers is the capacity to carry out their business while ensuring continuity of the species that they market and of the habitat, respecting and preserving the marine ecosystem.”

Delicious products, socially responsible

The management system and the labor – also – are essential to the company. “Our ethical-social performance and that of all of our suppliers and collaborators is very important to us” they proudly state. This is why they concentrate the entire tuna production cycle in Italy and the mackerel in Portugal to trigger a virtuous cycle in support of the local economy. ASdoMAR is also environmental-friendly. Another incredible success is the processing scrap reduced to zero, because it is transformed into fish flour used for animal husbandry and pet food.

Made in Sardinia, real Italian quality

ASdoMAR, following best practices, care, and artisanal attention, process their tuna in Olbia, Sardinia, recovering a precious local artisanal tradition. ASdoMAR only processes the whole tuna. That means that their experts select each part with artisanal care. The selection, in which the elements are designated to the various types of processing, is the most delicate moment and represents the core of this ancient Sardinian expertise, passed on through the generations. The process starts with the entire fish: meaning that it is more than merely canning semi-processed fish. Consumers can also trace ASdoMAR raw material and be informed when they choose these products. 

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