Oleificio Zucchi is ready to seduce Americans with its amazing products

Oleificio Zucchi is ready to seduce Americans with its amazing products

Feb 22, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

Founded in 1810, the company is ready to invest in the American market. The advertisement appeared on the Nasdaq mega screen in Times Square.

It is still time to invest. In times of crisis and pandemic, like the one we are experiencing, big companies, such as Oleificio Zucchi, set the pace for the restart. The company has decided to land in the United States, opening a branch to conquer the American market.

It chose the boldest and visible way possible to spread the news, with an advertisement aired on the Nasdaq mega screen, in the heart of Times Square.

An important message, but above all symbolic. The day of the launch coincided with the day of the reopening of bars and restaurants in New York. A message to show to the restaurant business all its support.

Magnifico is proud to promote Zucchi in the American market

Magnifico Team is proud to work with Oleificio Zucchi and to help them to grow in the American market. As the Magnifico CEO, Alessio Gambino, said: “Being a team means sharing common growth paths, creating synergies and helping each other to find new development opportunities together.”

Our team knows very well that only if there is mutual respect and esteem, like the one between Zucchi and Magnifico, this journey could be successful.

So, dear friends, we are happy to introduce you to this amazing Italian company. We will distribute its products and you will be able to have them at your home anytime you want… every time you choose to have the highest quality of Italian products.

Here is some more information about them.

Oleificio Zucchi origins

Oleificio Zucchi originated in 1810 in the area near Lodi, in northern Italy, as a family business that milled oilseeds to make oil for human consumption.

Since then, the company has made its entry onto the mass market. The last few years have seen the development of a Research and Development laboratory focused on extra virgin olive oil, combining technical expertise and talent to achieve unique results of unrivalled excellence, through continual experimentation with new combinations of flavors.

As the company likes to say: “The art of blending is the ability to create an oil with a specific personality by putting together oils from different cultivars and origins for an end result that is greater than the sum of its parts, to suit various consumer taste categories.”

Zucchi comes to the US with “quality, transparency and sustainability.”

In this period of great difficulty for restaurants around the world, the choice to invest abroad is always an act of trust and perseverance. Zucchi aims to launch a complex development strategy with the goal of increasing the presence and positioning of the brand in the United States. In doing so it also hopes to help spread a gastronomic and nutritional culture.

Zucchi’s calling card in coming to the United States will be the values that has earned the company its success in Italy: quality, transparency and sustainability. “By telling our story, we want to lead American consumers to develop a greater awareness of the products they use, encouraging them to seek excellence from all points of view, and to conceive food as a 360-degree experience” said Franco Denari, Executive Chairman of Zucchi 1810.

So, dear Magnifico friends, please be ready to welcome to the United States this amazing Italian company and its incredible Italian extra virgin olive oil.

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