"Happy Mama"...happy us!

"Happy Mama"...happy us!

Apr 29, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

For Giorgia Rinaldi, the head of this company, jams and sweets are a form of art and a perfect gift.

Sweet and edible bonbonnieres

Is there anyone among our readers thinking about getting married this summer or fall? Any Celebrations? We got an idea for you. How often have you come back home from a wedding with small presents that you have no idea how to use or where to put them? It's never been easy to find a gift for the guests to enjoy. One of our new family members, Happy Mama, has something to offer you. It's cute and tasty and…doesn't collect dust, as many objects do: bonbonnieres made of jam, marmalade or compote. The line is called: Sweet Just Married Line, "to make the most beautiful day of your life even more special." All the Italian jam, marmalade, or compote bonbonnieres are made only with fresh fruit and vegetables without pectin or other chemical additives. The package also is very elegant and unique. The customers can choose how they are packaged and presented. The edible bonbonnieres are a concept that is becoming more and more fashionable and affordable. 

Happy Mama: a creative kitchen

"I like the idea that my activity in the kitchen is actually an art form, a beautiful art form that finds something new in the world each day," says Giorgia Rinaldi, mother of Happy Mama. She loves to talk about "A creative kitchen" because "we don't eat jams or compotes because we are hungry, but because we like them, because we all have at least one sweet tooth, because we cannot say no to those little guilty pleasures that make us feel better."

From Emilia Romagna…

Happy Mama is located in Cavriago, a town near Reggio Emilia, which is one of the most important cities in Emilia Romagna. Did you have ever visited this amazing region, home of Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Parma…and for what interests us, home of Parmigiano ReggianoProsciutto di Parma, culatello, and mortella

Il taglierino

If you have never tried it, one of your following goals in 2022 is to test the combination between cuts and cheese and jams and honey. It is a wonderful guilty pleasure. Among the products Happy Mama offers, you can find "taglierino." It's a piece of wood with three molds to fit the different jams. In the wood, which is handcrafted, the inscription: "A tavola non si invecchia mai," you never get old at the table. Taglierino is perfect for an aperitif before lunch or dinner, a moment to share with family and friends.

Happy Mamma products aren't just sweet and cute but also safe

"Our production, right from the first phases - the company says - takes place in standards of the highest food safety, thanks to the careful selection we make of our suppliers of raw materials, the constant checks we make of all those raw materials and their subsequent storage in appropriate and suitable facilities." Berry, cherry, orange: on our Magnifico Food website, you can find many different flavors of jam to try or to give as a present. 

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