Oleificio Zucchi

Oleificio Zucchi, where extra virgin olive oil is something else!

Sep 25, 2020Donatella Mulvoni
Each bottle is individually inspected, the same way it was when the company was founded in Lodi in 1810.
Brand names allow you to identify the specific families, entrepreneurs, locations, and core values behind each end every food product you buy. Small family businesses give you a quality guarantee — you know that each item you find will have been certified by an individual, and will arrive in perfect condition.
Take Oleificio Zucchi’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, for example. The Zucchi family business, over the course of two centuries, became a major olive oil producer: “our values have always been based on our care for the environment, ethics, quality, and safety, values that are reflected in every single product. To fulfill our orders, we constantly work our very hardest, with passion and with constant research that improves every phase of the production process.”
Values like these are what drive Magnifico. Our start-up has always dreamt of making these family businesses known outside of Italy. Products like Zucchi’s recreate the taste and the atmosphere of Italy.

It all started long ago as a family business

Oleificio Zucchi started producing evoo in 1810 near Lodi, in northern Italy, as a “family business that milled oilseeds to make oil for human consumption.” The Lodi region is unique in Italy, being both beautiful and agriculturally rich. In fact, the area is surrounded by rivers, most importantly the Adda river, which sustains much of the local agricultural production.
The land is a mixture of soft slopes and plains made up of alluvial loam.  Thanks to this uniquely rich soil, Oleificio Zucchi has been able constantly to blend tradition and innovation.
In the mid-1920s, the company introduced a refining process, and in the late 1950s, it entered the mass market for food products with both seed and olive oils. In the 1990s, the Oleificio moved near Cremona to expand their business.  The Zucchi team focuses on extra virgin olive oil, though they also experiment with new combinations of flavours. To maintain their oils’ unique flavor through time, Oleificio Zucchi has created an "oil cellar,” Italy's largest temperature-controlled storage facility, capable of housing over 4800 tonnes of extra virgin olive oil.

Zucchi’s vast array of EVOO

Among Zucchi’s best-selling products, evoo features prominently:  the oleificio captures “the taste of nature in an extra virgin olive oil range. Their products create high value from farm to fork, respecting the environment with taste. Their varied set of evoo is based on the skillful creation of blends, an expression of the art of oil-making handed down from generation to generation.”
The company is also well-known for its flavored oils, which are extra virgin olive oils with added aromas and fragrances. Depending on what food you are looking to season, choose from evoo with onion, lemon, chili, or garlic. For pasta, we recommend evoo with peperoncino, pesto, or tartufo.  

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