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Redoro - The fascinating history of Italy’s most precious treasure

Mar 26, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

From the beautiful hills embracing the Veneto region, Redoro tells the fascinating history of Italy’s most precious treasure. Since 1895, Redoro brings to every table the flavor and the quality of 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Dop Veneto”. 



Founded by Regina and Isidoro Salvagno – the brand is a romantic fusion of their names – Redoro is still a family run company preserving the tradition with a perfect combination of history and innovation. Despite international success, the company preserves its values of quality and authenticity from harvest to olive selections, cold pressing, and bottling

The historic headquarter is in Grezzana, in the heart of Valpantena, north of Verona (the romantic hometown of Romeo and Juliet).



The Frantoi – the Italian word for oil mills – are located in the areas of Garda, Valpolicella, and Valpantena, territories that bring unique features and flavors to this extra-virgin olive oil. During the three-month harvest (October, November, and December) Redoro collects the best olives from almost one thousand local producers and farmers of seven nearby valleys, at the feet of the majestic Monti Lessini.



Every phase of the oil-making process is rigorously checked and monitored. The olives destined to the production come from local varieties such as Nostrano, Favarol, and Grignano, all 100% Italian and GMO-Free.  The olives are picked by hand or using brushes and delivered to the mill the same day. The technologically advanced production cycle respects the most traditional processing methods. Redoro’s mills are still using the ancient stone grinds for the traditional cold-pressing system.



“Integrale” is an extra-virgin olive oil from olives cultivated on the highest areas of the hills; “Nostrano”  is extra-virgin olive oil, featuring a sweet flavor with a velvety almond aftertaste. “Oro” is a delicate extra-virgin olive oil with a slightly fruity flavor, excellent to season the Mediterranean dishes. Besides these products, there is the range of extra-virgin olive oils from the “Antico Frantoio” line, including Morbium, Integrale, and Perlarol. Redoro also produces an organic line including Biologico” extra-virgin olive oil; the organic extra-virgin olive oil “Infused” with lemon, basil, rosemary or chili pepper; Is available also a complete selection of olive pâté and organic oil preserved vegetables.

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