VENCHI: Chocolate and a dream

VENCHI: Chocolate and a dream

Apr 28, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

Today, this Torinese chocolate company boasts 115 stores around the globe and over 350 chocolate preparations.



This legendary chocolate company could only have come from one city: Turin, the birthplace of the gianduiotto. Venchi’s history is like a fairytale: in 1878, Silviano Venchi was only 20. He decided to spend all his money to buy basic chocolatier’s equipment and start experimenting. He fell in love with the confection, then decided to turn his passion into a job: he began producing chocolate in his apartment, but the industry rapidly grew.



Nougatine was the first creation. Silvano’s very first recipe continues to be used today: a round dark chocolate shell conceals a center of chopped, caramelized hazelnuts from Piedmont.

When the first Venchi shop opened in Turin, the elegant space became a hub for refined patrons. High-quality ingredients, sophisticated packaging, and luxurious locations have since remained hallmarks of the company. 140 years since Silvano Venchi first started experimenting in his apartment, the company has become a global sensation. Today, there are 115 stores spread across 70 countries, with major locations in London, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, and Rome. 



Nougatine has been joined by a plethora of new recipes. Venchi now flaunts 350 unique chocolate recipes and 90 signature gelato flavors — combine their hazelnut ice cream with drizzled chocolate for an unforgettable treat! The company loves to say that their creations have “the intention to live a long happy life that, if nothing else, is a little bit sweeter.” Aside from Nougatine, Venchi’s most popular creations are: Gianduiotto: The earliest Gianduiotto recipes date back to 1878. 32% of this smooth-textured treat is made of ground Piedmont hazelnuts, and its elongated shape has become iconic. Cremino: This three-layered square chocolate has striped sides, flaunting its alternating layers of cream and chocolate. When looking for sweets, always go for the best quality. Not only will your tastebuds thank you, but, as long as you don’t overdo it (though we think you should, every now and then), but so will your body and spirit!

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