Tartuflanghe: A Journey from Tradition to Innovation in the World of Truffles

Tartuflanghe: A Journey from Tradition to Innovation in the World of Truffles

Apr 26, 2024Federico Milone

Tartuflanghe, an Italian company based in Alba, Piedmont, has been specializing in the processing and sale of fresh truffles and truffle-based products since 1975. Founded by Beppe Montanaro and his wife Domenica, the company boasts a long family tradition in the industry, which translates into a deep knowledge of truffles and a genuine passion for this precious ingredient.

From Tradition to Innovation: A Journey to Discover Truffles

The story of Tartuflanghe began in 1950 with Giuseppe Montanaro, known as Beppe, who left his hometown in the Langhe to pursue a career as a chef. In 1968, with his extensive culinary experience under his belt, Beppe returned to the Langhe and, together with his wife Domenica, opened the restaurant "Da Beppe", which quickly became a reference point for truffle and mushroom lovers.

In 1975, Tartuflanghe was born. The idea was to select and certify the quality of Alba White Truffle and ship it all over the world. Innovative ideas emerged from the processing of truffles, going far beyond the fresh product. The company, in fact, was a pioneer in the creation of new truffle-based products, making truffles accessible to a wider audience beyond just connoisseurs. Among its most famous innovations are Tartufissima, the world's first truffle pasta, awarded "Best New Product of the Year" at the Fancy Food Show in New York in 1992; and Trifulòt, the sweet truffle mignon to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

In 2010, Tartuflanghe created NoH2O®, the world's most advanced natural preservation system for precious truffles. A cryodesiccation process capable of preserving the organoleptic, nutritional and aromatic characteristics of all truffle species.

The experience gained in truffle processing and its use in recipes capable of understanding and surpassing tradition are the basis of Tartuflanghe's "democratic" revolution. Truffle chips, Aperituber and dried fruit bring the quintessence of taste to the everyday table. It is 2020: now truffles are truly for everyone.

The company boasts a long family tradition in the truffle sector, passed down with passion and dedication from generation to generation. Today, Stefania and Paolo work alongside their parents in managing the company, bringing in new ideas and preserving the precious tradition.

A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Quality is at the heart of Tartuflanghe's philosophy. The company carefully selects the best fresh truffles and processes them using artisanal methods, ensuring the utmost attention to respecting their natural characteristics.

Tartuflanghe is also committed to environmental sustainability. The company uses green energy produced by a photovoltaic system installed on its roof and supports projects to protect and enhance the Langhe and Roero area.

A Wide Range of Products to Satisfy Every Palate

Tartuflanghe offers a wide range of truffle-based products, from classic fresh truffles to real specialties: sauces and creams, cheeses, risottooil and sweet truffles.

Today, Tartuflanghe is a leading company in the truffle sector at an international level. Its products are appreciated by gourmets and chefs all over the world and are present in the best shops and restaurants. The company boasts numerous awards, including the title of "Artisan Excellence" awarded by the Piedmont Region.

Tartuflanghe:  where tradition and innovation meet to celebrate the truffle in all its nuances.

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