From Humble Bakery to Global Success: The Rise of Mondo di Laura’s Cookies

From Humble Bakery to Global Success: The Rise of Mondo di Laura’s Cookies

Mar 29, 2024Federico Milone

This article chronicles the inspiring journey of Laura, a passionate baker who transformed her love for cookies into a thriving international business, “Il Mondo di Laura” (Laura’s World). It’s a testament to perseverance, adaptation, and the power of delicious treats.

Baking with Passion: The Early Days

Laura Raccah, a 30-year-old pastry chef, isn’t your typical entrepreneur. Now, she is the owner of the two Roman biscuit factories Il Mondo di Laura, representing a fine example of craftsmanship keeping pace with the times. Today she distributes her kosher-certified biscuits throughout Italy, from Rome upwards, and abroad, in Denmark, Russia, Lithuania, and soon also in Switzerland.

Though she attended hotel school, her passion for sweets led her to renowned Roman establishments like Nonna Carla and La Rosetta with Massimo Riccioli, forging a strong professional bond. However, the turning point came during her travels to London, New York and Tel Aviv. It was in the bustling streets of Tel Aviv, behind the counter of Said's bar, that her cookie creations truly began. Given free rein to experiment, Laura’s ingenuity and delicious results impressed everyone, including the bar’s owner, Fabrizio De Mauro. Recognizing her talent, Fabrizio encouraged Laura to take her cookies to the next level.

Taking the Leap: From Bakery to Business

Fueled by encouragement and her own burning desire, Laura rented a bakery in Trastevere (Rome). This was her chance to test the market and see if her “cookie revolution” would resonate with the public. The positive response was a resounding success!

Expansion and Challenges

In 2009, Laura established a permanent production facility with a small shop on Via Tiburtina (Rome). Five years later, she expanded further, opening a second shop in central Rome. However, Laura's ambitions extended beyond quaint shops. She dreamt of sharing her cookies with a wider audience. This led her to a crucial decision: entering the world of large-scale distribution.

The Delicate Dance with Big Business

Partnering with giants like Eataly, Eat’s, and Coop presented both opportunities and challenges. While it meant increased visibility and wider reach, it also necessitated certain compromises. Laura, for instance, had to adapt the packaging to cater to the fast-paced, brand-conscious environment of supermarkets.

A Matchmaker for Success: GDO and Artisanship

Despite these adjustments, Laura remained unwavering in her commitment to quality. Her story dismantles the myth that big business and artisan quality are incompatible. Laura views collaboration with the GDO (Italian organized retail trade) as a necessary step for survival, allowing small businesses to gain recognition while offering consumers handcrafted delicacies.

However, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining a core identity. Artisans, she believes, must equip themselves with new skills like marketing and economics to navigate the modern marketplace.

A Beacon of Hope for Artisans

Besides, in 2012 she was awarded by “Gambero Rosso” as the Best Artisan of the territory. Laura’s journey serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring Italian artisans. It demonstrates that success is achievable by staying true to your craft, embracing innovation, and forging strategic partnerships. It's a story that reminds us that even the most delectable cookies can rise from humble beginnings, conquering hearts, and supermarket shelves alike.

“On one thing I will never compromise: the quality of the ingredients. I use Thun honey, refined spices, organic molasses, cane sugar from the Philippines, hazelnuts from Lazio, Valrhona chocolate or Dutch cocoa.”

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