Villa Reale

Villa Reale

Feb 03, 2023Donatella Mulvoni

This gourmet brand comes from the charming Sicily island. This company works the organic raw ingredients using artisan methods.


Traditional gourmet specialties 

Rich in history and flavor, Sicilian cuisine is one of the most variegated thanks to its influences from the Mediterranean area. The most sophisticated palates will be satisfied by Villa Reale, the traditional specialties gourmet brand featured by Campo d'Oro and available on Magnifico. Villa Reale offers typical Sicilian recipes from the Licata family, combining vegetable and seafood ingredients to create the most unique and fresh-tasting preserves. Villa Reale products are carefully preserved in extra virgin olive oil.


A gourmand line by Campo d’Oro

Campo d'Oro – with its over 30 years of history - has been producing an exceptional line of gourmet specialties representing the finest traditions of Sicily. This boutique company is immersed in the heart of the Sicilian countryside among centuries-old olive trees. Most of the raw materials come from the family farm, processed within twenty-four hours. Campo d'Oro proudly doesn't use chemical additives, preservatives, or artificial colors. Today the company has built a new factory with high-tech machinery to offer a product that reflects the Sicilian culinary tradition with modern processing technologies.


Our selection

Magnifico Food is proud to offer our loyal customers a fine selection of Villa Reale products.

Try Villa Reale Hot Pepper Paté, a spicy pepper and pepper cream with extra virgin olive oil. This pate is perfect if you like strong flavors. We recommend eating it on bruschetta. It is also delicious with pasta. Just add garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Another specialty to try is Villa Reale Pistachio Pesto. This Sicilian pesto only uses pistachios from the island and a pinch of salt and olive oil. This pesto will also enhance both bruschetta and pasta. Villa Reale suggests using it as a marinade over skewered king prawns roasted and served with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon. If you like pesto, you should try Trapanese Pesto Sauce. It is a typical Sicilian pesto made from tomatoes, fresh basil, and almonds from Avola. It is wonderful on pasta, crostini, or bruschetta, but you can also try it on chicken and vegetables.

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