Filotea, a passion for traditional artisan pasta

Filotea, a passion for traditional artisan pasta

Dec 15, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

Filotea is a small company based in the heart of the Marche region. They produce pasta according to local tradition.

A meticulous process

Filotea's pasta production is based not only on meticulous processing methods but also on carefully monitoring all the preparation phases, starting from the choice of ingredients: flour, durum wheat flour, and fresh eggs.

The secret of tradition

Filotea egg pasta is made according to the ancient recipe from the Marche region. Marche, an eastern Italian region, sits between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Filotea carefully follows the same methods that Marchigiane 'nonne' – grandmas – once used. Choosing only the best eggs and flour guarantees a genuine product. Furthermore, the pasta is dried very slowly at a low temperature. This unique drying process gives it the authentic flavor typical of homemade pasta. This patient, artisanal preparation guarantees an amazing product that is incredibly light and easy to digest. Meanwhile, its textured surface helps absorb sauces, exalting the flavors. This craftsmanship starts from the constant search for the most authentic taste. 

A journey through taste and design

Filotea has always paid attention to design. "We anticipate fashion trends – they say – we want to be original; our packaging knows how to stand out. We believe in art and design: Italian creativity can do great things. We have our own style".

Our selection

Magnifico is proud to offer an amazing assortment of Filotea's finest pasta. You will find lasagne (the typical pasta sheets); tagliatelle (ideal for your "ragù" sauce.); pappardelle (perfect with meat sauces); traditional spaghetti alla chitarra; fettuccine al peperoncino (made with habanero pepper); fettuccine Senatore Cappelli (made with Durum wheat semolina with a low content of gluten); fettuccine agli spinaci (with spinach in the dough); fettuccine al tartufo (with fine black truffle); and tonnarelli (thick egg spaghetti).

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