Almonds: Why They Are Perfects Nuts

Almonds: Why They Are Perfects Nuts

Apr 06, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

Easy to find, easy to carry, healthy to eat.

Almonds shape your lifestyle

It's one of the rare cases where something good is healthy at the same time. Almonds are a perfect way to start the morning or to have a break. It's good for your inside, and, as we will see, for your skin and hairs also. Eating them daily helps you to have a healthy lifestyle

For us, among the nut’s family, these are the best ones. They are easy to find, not so expensive, easy to carry with you during the day. Many think almonds are one of the biggest secrets to slow aging.

Benefit after benefit

According to a recent survey by California Almonds, published in PR Newswire, "almonds could be the secret to battling pandemic fog as there is a high degree of confidence in being able to reestablish a sense of normalcy among almond eaters (79%). Additionally, the survey found that the most common effect of snacking on almonds across audiences is feeling good and satisfied." This feeling helps you concentrate on yourself, a perfect solution when you crave, but you don't want to eat junk food. You can say that it is a fat ingredient, and, indeed, you can't eat endlessly, but the benefits of eating six-ten almonds a day are incredible. Let's see some of them that you may not think of. Thanks to its properties, almonds, which are a source of fiber, usually help your digestion during the day. They are good for your lifestyle because they protect your heart and are rich in Vitamin E. At the same time, almonds contribute to lowering your cholesterol and to keeping on trucking your blood pressure. Think about how convenient almonds are when you crave something tasty and salty…you can bring them with you anywhere you go and eat instead of chocolate or processed food. 

Almonds make you beautiful

If you also care about how you look, we were serious when we said that almonds are precious allies of your beauty, and you need to take them in your daily routine. 

First of all, almonds help moisturize your skin, especially if you have a dry skin type. Almonds-based lotions, thanks to vitamins, help skins that are suffering. For the same nutrients, almonds help to have stronger hairs also. Stronger and shinier, according to several kinds of research on this matter. Magnifico chose for you some of the best almonds from Italy. For exampleSicilian Natural Whole Almonds with Chili Pepper, from Heraia's best almond cultivar selection, which are seasoned with a mix of several chili pepper varieties made in Sicily. This mix of natural almonds is the key to your Mediterranean diet. We also have Sicilian Natural Whole Almonds with Lemon Zest and Ginger if you are looking for different flavors. These almonds are crunchy and lemon-scented; ginger is also part of the aromatic bouquet. 

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