We are what We Eat

We are what We Eat

Apr 08, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

A survey in Europe made by NielsenIQ shows that the consumer today is a "Conscious Eater".

Don't waste it!

Many things are changing in the way we do grocery, and many more things are happening in the way the market is handling all the social-economic crises that impact the food we bring to the table. Everyone notices that food prices are rising and sometimes it's difficult to find all the products we used to buy. "Inflation has led many food and beverage companies to raise prices by shrinking package sizes, cutting promotions or outright price increases at the grocery store," we read in an NBC article. "Companies - as we keep reading - have to strike a delicate balance, raising prices enough to offset higher costs without making products too expensive for consumers."

Less, but better…

Companies have to strike a balance because consumers are aware of the difficulties we are living in today, but they are more aware of their options, and there is a movement raising the voice to condemn food wasting. A survey in Europe made by NielsenIQ shows that the consumer became a "Conscious Eater compared to the past." "Globally unified through the impact of living alongside COVID-19, many consumers today feel awakened to how their individual purchase decisions and experiences can collectively affect us all - we read on their website - The realities of air pollution, supply chain disruptions and how supporting local origin can be good for the individual, their local community and the planet are just a few ways in which pandemic living has heightened attention around altruistic health and wellness needs".

So, the point is no longer to fill the shopping cart to the brim but to buy fewer products with more quality.

Magnifico chooses the best Italian food for you!

After all, this is also the bet we made when we decided to give life to Magnifico. We have decided to bring you the best products from Italy. When you enter our world, you will not find many products, but you can be sure that the brands chosen are of the highest quality.

So, we are delighted, trying to keep the prices as low as we can, to bring to your house all the different kinds of rice from Tenuta Margherita, for example; you can make your own recipe, or if you don't have time, you can buy the ones ready to cook, like saffron, or artichoke risotto, or with vegetables. You can get familiar with our new entry Heraia, if you want to taste a bit of Sicily in its extra virgin olive oil. And for sure, you already welcomed all the tomato sauces kinds produced by Agromonte! If there are some brands or products you don't know, please remember to contact us, we will be happy to offer you all the information you need!

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