Easter, two must-try: crespelle and Colomba

Easter, two must-try: crespelle and Colomba

Apr 13, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

Italian traditions for this period vary a lot from region to region. Today we suggest crespelle (which in some Italian areas represents a dish to be served on the Easter table) and Colomba (which is instead spread nationwide as a symbol of this celebration).

Resurrection and rebirth, even at the table!

Easter is traditionally linked to the idea of rebirth. That's why there are countless dishes made with eggs on Italian tables, the symbol par excellence of the miracle of life renewing itself. You will find eggs practically everywhere, even in the form of delicious chocolate creations. Today our focus is on two protagonists of the Easter table. The first is crespelle, which are not common everywhere; you will be able to taste them mainly in central Italy and some areas of the north. The second one, instead, is the absolute queen of Easter. We are obviously referring to Colomba, a sweet bread in the shape of a dove, a symbol par excellence of Peace.

Crespelle: few ingredients, easy preparation, delicious result

In all Italian regions, you will find a variant of savory crespelle. They are very thin frittatas (like thin omelets) made of flour, milk, and eggs. In every region, these frittatas are stuffed with typical local ingredients. In Tuscany, the most famous are Crespelle Alla Fiorentina. Besides being delicious, they are a fascinating dish from a historical point of view. According to tradition, when the Tuscan noblewoman Caterina de' Medici married the French Duke d'Orleans, she brought with her to France many typical dishes of her land, including Crespelle Alla Fiorentina, ancestors of crepes. Crespelle Alla Fiorentina are often protagonists of the table on Easter day. Usually, these crespelle are filled with ricotta cheese and spinach and covered with tomato sauce. In general, the filling of crespelle varies according to taste and region. For example, crespelle with asparagus are very popular. In the beautiful region of Val D'Aosta, crespelle are filled with DOP fontina cheese. In Abruzzo, you will find the "scrippelle," small rolls of crespelle cooked in broth.

Colomba: the sweet that can never be missing

There is a dessert that cannot be missed at the end of an Easter lunch. It is Colomba, a sweet bread in the shape of a dove, typical of Easter and widely spread from North to South of the Boot (just like panettone and pandoro at Christmas). As you can imagine, it symbolizes Peace. Over the years, Italian pastry chefs have created countless variations of the Colomba. Even in supermarkets, you will find all kinds of versions. What changes, fundamentally, is the filling: from pistachios to chocolate, from lemon cream to coffee cream. A piece of advice (always valid) is to rely on quality products, preferably artisanal. At Magnifico, we have selected for you a fantastic assortment of Colomba. Here you will find a selection of delicious doves produced by Fiasconaro in Sicily, including the exquisite version signed by the kings of Italian fashion, Dolce & Gabbana.

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