Home made “Uovo di Pasqua”

Home made “Uovo di Pasqua”

Apr 15, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

Buona Pasqua! Easter celebrations are near, and it's time for delicious chocolate eggs for everyone in Italy. 

The most beloved Easter dessert

It is a tradition cherished by children but also by adults. Bakeries and stores display chocolate eggs of every kind: dark, milk, white chocolate, with hazelnuts. The dimensions vary: from the so-called "ovetti" (little eggs) to giant eggs. Often, then, the Italian pastry chefs customize eggs according to customers' preferences. In short, there is something for everyone.

The surprise

Obviously, we must not forget a fundamental detail: "la sorpresa," the little gift that every egg contains. The surprises vary. In children's eggs, there are small toys. In adults' eggs, there are often personalized or precious gifts. Sometimes, it also happens that people choose the Easter egg for marriage proposals by asking a bakery to customize it: in this case, the lucky man or woman, in addition to enjoying the chocolate, will also be surprised by a ring!

Try to make the chocolate egg at home

Making the chocolate egg at home is not as difficult as it would seem! It definitely takes a lot of patience, but the result will be worth it! Obviously, it will be essential to use the highest quality chocolate. We, from the Magnifico team, suggest Venchi. Here you will find a wide selection of fine chocolate. With Venchi, you will be sure not to go wrong! To prepare one egg, you will need 2 lbs. of milk or dark chocolate. Also, get a silicone egg mold (about 10 inches).

The process

The first step is to "temper" your chocolate, that is, to melt it in a bain-marie. First of all, chop the chocolate and melt it in a bain-marie. At this point, you will need to measure the temperature with a kitchen thermometer. Wait until the temperature reaches 54° Fahrenheit. Pour 2/3 of your chocolate on a work surface (better if marble) and spread it with a spatula. Then, measure the temperature again, waiting for the chocolate to reach 28° Fahrenheit. Add the cooled chocolate to the remaining chocolate you left in the pot. Mix well and pour the chocolate into the mold. Spread the chocolate by swirling it slightly and then turn the mold upside down, collecting the remaining chocolate on a plate. Repeat this operation every 30 minutes at least three times. Now, let it rest for 3 hours, waiting for it to solidify. You are close to the goal! Unmold the two halves of the egg. Heat a large pan and place the egg half in it for a few moments. Insert the surprise, and then add the other half of the egg until it sets. Your egg is ready! Buona Pasqua!

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