The best Italian pasta: five tips to recognize its quality

The best Italian pasta: five tips to recognize its quality

Apr 20, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

Pasta may seem all the same. But there are a few things to check to help you to find the best quality.

A box of pasta, from $2 to $5. Why?

So many things are uncertain; we all experienced that in our life. A dish of pasta is not among them. Different surveys showed that pasta, and particularly spaghetti, is considered one of the favorite international foods. Almost everybody tried it at least once in life, even if the pasta was cooked differently from the Italian style. We see different kinds of pasta in the stores. It’s impossible to know all of them if we are not so passionate about it. Sometimes, even if we like it a lot, we may think there is no difference between the kinds of pasta we see on the shelves.

But if this was true, how is it possible that some Italian pasta cost 2 dollars, others may cost 5 or 6 bucks?

The quality that you will taste

 Pasta has not just so many shapes (farfalle, fettuccine, spaghetti, penne, rigatoni, etc. etc.) but also many types of quality. Today, we want to give you some tips to choose the best pasta for you. Of course, not everybody can afford 5 dollars every time for a box of pasta, especially if we like to eat it many times a week. Something we can do it’s to find a compromise: to choose the best quality of pasta when we have a special occasion, like a date or a dinner with friends, or when we want to treat ourselves with love. The taste will pay you back: the smell, the perfect thickness, and the texture will allow the sauce to better mix with the pasta. You can also feel the quality of the Italian pasta from the way you chew it.

5 secrets to recognizing the best quality

Here are some tips for recognizing and buying the best quality. 

  1. Very trivially, watch the price. It’s not always true, but in this case a good quality pasta costs a little bit more. 
  2. The pasta must have the right thickness. The texture is essential and helps the pasta to stay compact without breaking. Usually, it will be a brand that you may not know, less commercial but for sure more artisanal. The proper thickness helps to cook the pasta more evenly. 
  3. This one is related to the previous point: good pasta quality takes longer to cook. But you can be sure that this kind of pasta will always cook al dente
  4. Check the cooking water. It’s a good indicator. Usually, it should stay clear.
  5. Independently of the shape you choose, you must pay attention to the color of the pasta; it should be intensely yellow. 

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