August 2021: It's National Sandwich Month

August 2021: It's National Sandwich Month

Aug 08, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

August is National Sandwich Month. There are a thousand versions of the Italian sandwich: everyone has their favorite. And your choice reveals a little of your personality!


We Call It Panino

In August, we are "celebrating" the quickest and easy meal. An old Italian song says: “Felicità è un bicchiere di vino con un panino”, happiness is a glass of wine with a sandwich. And maybe it is; sometimes joy is hidden in the simplest things! For centuries all over the world, people have always been laying bread and meat or vegetables. With salami or prosciutto, cheese or tuna sauce, vegetables, or PB&J, sandwiches are a delicious and quick meal that will help you save time. There are endless possibilities when it comes to stuffing your ideal sandwich. Since 1952, August is officially been National Sandwich Month. How to observe? August is the perfect time to try new sandwich recipes! Also, have fun and invent your signature panino! And if you share them on social media, use #NationalSandwichMonth.


Tips for The Best Sandwich  

Bread is the key! Opt for whole-grain bread: it is packed with fiber, minerals, B vitamins, and minerals. Whole-grain is always the healthiest choice. When you experiment with your "creations," always do your best to balance your sandwich by adding proteins and veggies. Spreads are perfect for keeping the bread moisturized. While mayo and mustard are the most common choices, you could try pesto or a veil of tomato sauce from our Magnifico collection.


Italian Sandwich Recipes

Italians love "panini"! We have a great sandwich tradition. You can choose from the classics (prosciutto, salame, and all kind of cured meats and cheeses) and the gourmet and creative modern options. Fun fact, there is tremendous regional variety. Puglia region has "Puccia," made with pizza dough stuffed with meats and cheeses. Emilia-Romagna region has "Piadina," the famous thin flatbread stuffed with prosciutto, arugula, and cheese like stracciatella or robiola. A very ancient panino is the Tuscan "Lampredotto," a panino stuffed with roasted cow stomach, herbs broth, and salsa verde. Every area has its specialty panino, but classic sandwiches are loved and spread throughout Italy. Here is a selection of the most famous Italian panini that you can easily create at home.


Panino al Prosciutto Is The Classic One

You will need ciabatta bread, prosciutto, and extra virgin olive oil. Drizzle the bread slices with extra virgin olive oil, grill each side of your ciabatta in a hot pan (oiled side down), for three minutes. Add prosciutto and enjoy it! A succulent version includes sliced mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. The result is divine!


Panino con Mozzarella di Bufala e Pomodoro

Tomato and buffalo mozzarella are together one of the best kitchen couples ever! Imagine them in a delicious sandwich. Add some extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt, and some basil for a delightful yet straightforward panino.


Panino Con Mortadella

This is one of the humblest sandwiches, but it is also one of the most loved. Mortadella is a famous Italian pork cold cut studded with pistachios. It is produced in Emilia Romagna, around the city of Bologna. All you need is the finest mortadella and some focaccia. Be careful; the result is highly addictive!

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