Be Italian, Drink ESPRESSO

Be Italian, Drink ESPRESSO

Oct 01, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

Have your moka ready in the kitchen, wake up, and enjoy a cup of coffee... the universal Italian morning ritual. 


La Moka

The first thing most of us Italians put in our suitcases when we go abroad is a moka machine, and the first question we ask when we go on vacation is, “is espresso included in the breakfast?” Or, “can I get good Italian coffee nearby?” In fact, packages of coffee (and maybe some parmesan cheese) are every Italian expat’s favorite gift to receive.


Espresso, the best excuse to take a break

The best way to wake up is to the aroma of espresso. When the coffee is ready, its smell suffuses and perfumes any home. So, today, pay tribute to Luigi Bezzera, a Milanese engineer who created the first espresso machine at the beginning of the 20th century (even if the espresso we drink today dates back to 1950). 


Let's grab un caffè

Besides “ciao” and “bellissima”, “espresso” is the most well-known Italian word around the world. On average, Italians drink 3-4 cups of espresso a day: one first thing in the morning, one mid-morning, another after lunch, and maybe one more in the afternoon. “Prendiamoci un caffè,” let’s grab a coffee, is not just an offer, it’s a way to invite friends to hang out, to take a break with colleagues, or to welcome someone into your home. Finding good espresso is easy to do in our country: almost everyone has a moka at home, and there is an Italian bar on every corner of any given city or town. 


Arabica VS Robusta

Arabica is a very delicate and extremely popular miscela (blend), representing almost 60% of the world’s coffee production. The second most famous is Robusta, which has more caffeine than Arabica. It has a denser body and a more bitter taste. Magnifico has chosen artisanal coffee brand Aiello to start off your day right! 

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