First date: ideas and recipes to steal your partner's heart

First date: ideas and recipes to steal your partner's heart

Oct 04, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

The way to somebody's heart is through their stomach! Here are our tips to impress your date


Cooking is just visible love

There are literally infinite ways to say, "I love you." Still, the one that almost everyone values, is a romantic and sweet home-cooked Italian dinner. As Cesar Chavez once said, "If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him...the people who give you their food give you their heart." We could not agree more! 


Date-safe foods

As People Magazine reports: "Half of foodie-loving Americans believe a first date should always involve a meal — but won't risk eating messy foods until the fourth date. A study of 3,000 U.S. adults found 40% look for someone who is passionate about cuisine as a potential partner, while 38% admitted they're put off by fussy eaters." The magazine goes on to point out that: "More than four in 10 (43%) even said being a good cook is a turn-on when it comes to finding a suitor. The research also revealed the most popular ways of involving cuisine on a date — dining out (43%), having takeout (31%) and going to food festivals (31%)." People also reports that: "Meals deemed to be date-safe by Americans include pizza (24%), burgers (21%) and salad (21%). Meanwhile, the dishes most likely to be avoided on a first date include mussels (18%) and sushi (17%)."


The art of cooking to impress

If you think you have met the right One and you want to make this person fall in love with you, then invite them to dinner and prepare a delicious Italian dish. A few tips: try the recipe first (play safe)! Don't be unprepared. This will significantly lower your error rates, especially since this is someone you want to impress; you'll have quite a bit of "stage fright." Don't choose recipes that are too complicated. Instead, opt for the highest quality ingredients. Find out what is your partner's favorite, if you can. 


Love foods

Aphrodisiac recipes are often an infallible tool of seduction; some ingredients can help you! Use almonds, oysters, basil, asparagus, or lobster. When preparing your dessert, use honey, bananas, or figs. According to legends, these are aphrodisiac foods. Will it be true? Give it a try, and then let us know.


Table setting and the dish presentation

Pay attention to the table setting and the dish presentation. A table with flowers and candles will give a wonderful first impression. The same goes for the dish’s presentation. A refined presentation will make the food you have prepared even more exciting.


Wines and Love

Don't forget to serve the right wine. Start with a glass of Italian bubbles, such as a good prosecco. Then you can opt for red or white wine, depending on the menu you have prepared. As a general rule, red wine goes better with meat dishes, whereas white wine is more suitable for fish dishes.

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