Chocolate and eggplant? Yes, from the Amalfi Coast

Chocolate and eggplant? Yes, from the Amalfi Coast

Jan 27, 2023Donatella Mulvoni

Originally created by monks, "mulignana cu 'a ciucculata" (as it is known in Campania) is a traditional sweet parmigiana recipe prepared during holidays.


A curious (but delicious) pairing 


Don't let the unusual pairing scare you off! Eggplant with chocolate is really delicious. Try it to believe!

Although it may be considered odd, especially the first time one hears about it, the combination of two intense flavors, eggplant and chocolate, turns out to be a delight. This dessert features fried eggplant, dark chocolate sauce, candied fruit, almonds, and amaretti cookies. Today chocolate and eggplant are prepared on August 15th, "Ferragosto" or Feast of the Assumption. 


A typical dish from the Amalfi Coast


According to the legend, this dessert was created by monks living in the coastal town of Atrani or Tramonti. Another theory says that chocolate and eggplant were invented by Augustinian nuns of Santa Maria della Misericordia of Sant'Agnello, near Neaples. These religious pastry chefs are also credited with the invention of two other famous sweets typical of southern Italy: struffoli and roccocò. Today on the Amalfi Coast, reinventing eggplant and chocolates was the work of renowned pastry chef Sal De Riso (member of the Academy of Master Pastry Chefs since 1994 and Pastry Chef of the year 2010-2011). The famous chef has perfected this dessert in a modern key and made it known to an international audience.


The ingredients


Originally the priests served fried eggplant with a liqueur sauce, later substituted with chocolate. The chocolate sauce is enhanced by Concerto, a unique liqueur created by the Franciscan monks in the hills of the beautiful town of Tramonti. It is one of the oldest liqueurs on the Amalfi Coast. Concerto - literally the "concert" – combines 15 different herbs.


One more reason to visit the Amalfi Coast.


Enjoying an "eggplant and chocolate" dessert prepared by one of the celebrity pastry chefs such as Sal De Riso could be one more reason to visit the Amalfi Coast. On the other hand, there is a motivation for why it is called "La Divina," literally "the divine." The beauty of these places leaves one breathless. The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy's most charming and scenic coastlines. Among the enchanting towns on the Coast is beautiful Maiori, also known for its chocolate and eggplant dessert. Maiori, among the cities of Amalfi Coast, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has the longest beach on the Coast. You can admire its beautiful towers, castles, and bastion.

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