Espresso Coffee is a Ritual

Espresso Coffee is a Ritual

Nov 20, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

In Italy, a good cup of espresso coffee is a ritual. We love to drink it at the bar with friends, or during our lunch break, and  we always start our days with the aroma of espresso first thing in the morning. In fact, we aren’t truly awake until we have our first cup.

That’s why everyone has a moka coffee machine in their house. It’s not difficult to make good coffee, but there are few rules that must be followed. 

First of all, the moka must always be very clean, especially the filter. However, it is important to only rinse it with water, and never clean it with soaps or detergents.



There is no shortcut: to have a perfect espresso you have to choose the best possible coffee. 

The most common miscela is Arabica, but if you like a stronger and more bitter flavor, choose Robusta. 



It’s important to fill the bottom of the moka with cold water. Take the valve as a reference point — don’t fill past it, or your coffee may tun out watery.

The same applies for the coffee in the funnel. Don’t overfill, and press down gently before closing the pot.



Set your burner to low heat. Espresso takes time to prepare, otherwise it can taste burnt. Check on it once in a while, but, ultimately, you have to wait for the water in the moka to boil. A gurgling sound, heavenly for any coffee lover, is the indicator that the coffee is almost ready. If you see that the moka is full, turn off the heat and enjoy! If not all the coffee came out (which can happen for many reasons, like overcompressing the coffee or overheating the pot), simply cool down the moka under running water for a few seconds, then put it back on the burner. 



Once the espresso is ready, it’s a good idea to stir it. At this point, its aroma will envelop you, and all that’s left to do is pour it into little espresso cups. If you want to keep your coffee warm for longer, pre-heat the cups. You can drink it alone or with guests. Some people like the espresso amaro, or bitter, while others prefer to add sugar. You can also add cold or warm milk. Enjoy your precious moment with your espresso. If you are looking for the highest quality coffee, Magnifico recommends the Aiello company. Your taste buds will thank you!



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