Five gourmet food gifts for everyone on your list

Five gourmet food gifts for everyone on your list

Dec 23, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

Looking to surprise your beloved ones with a unique gift? Find the perfect holiday present for everyone, no matter your budget. Here are our recommendations.

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Christmas is supposed to be the sweetest season times of the year, but let's be honest, sometimes this season can also be the most stressful. Magnifico is here to help you find the perfect gift for your family, friends, and even coworkers. We are here to let you feel less stressed! Get in the holiday spirit with our unique gifts that will have everyone feeling grateful and happy. We've pulled together a guide to the best gourmet gift!

  1. Panettone & Pandoro

Here is his majesty, the panettone! This delicious dome-shaped bread cake is the king of the Italian Christmas holidays. Created by the Italian producer Fraccaro Spumadoro, this artisanal panettone filled with dark chocolate chips, is the best treat ever! This year we also have a fashionable option: a panettone signed by Dolce&Gabbana! This unique gift comes from the encounter between the art of Fiasconaro and the creativity of one of the most prominent fashion houses. It is the typically Milanese panettone revisited with the flavors of Sicily. The box is designed by Dolce & Gabbana. Here you will find our selection of panettone. On the other hand, pandoro (literally the "golden bread") is a soft, light Italian Christmas star-shaped bread cake dusted with powdered sugar. We propose you this artisanal pandoro, produced by Fraccaro Spumadoro

  1. Chocolate

Say "I love you" with a box of assorted chocolate truffles. The selection includes truffles with white ganache and crispy nibs, raspberry pieces, and toffee flakes; Piedmont hazelnut truffles; Sicilian pistachio and almond truffles, and many more. Here are some more great options: Perle delle Langhe dragées by Venchi (Piedmont hazelnuts covered with dark chocolate); Dragees orange Peels by Venchi (Candied orange zest covered with dark chocolate); Assorted dark and milk chocolate box by Venchi; this super cute Rome themed box with a selection of chocolates; assorted chocolate pralines box by Venchi.

  1. Cherry tomato sauce and pasta 

It is the ultimate Italian gift box with cherry tomato sauce and pasta. Why do we adore this Agromonte gift box? Because it is simply perfect! It contains two classic Sicilian sauces by Agromonte and a box of La Molisana pasta.

  1. Extra virgin olive oil

In ancient times it was so valuable that it was considered a currency. Today, extra virgin olive oil is the perfect gift for the people we love. The Magnifico family, we are really very proud of our collection. These EVOOs come from the best artisan companies in Italy. An original and surely very appreciated gift is this iconic rainbow jar or this polka dot jar by Frantoio Muraglia.

  1. The organic box

This box is the perfect gift for anyone who wants only natural and organic products made in Italy. You'll find pasta, sauces, extra virgin olive oil, and more.

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