Food prices rising after lockdown? NOT AT Magnifico Food!

Food prices rising after lockdown? NOT AT MAGNIFICO FOOD!

Sep 01, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

One of the first clear consequences of the pandemic seems to have been the surge in food prices. Committed to its customers, Magnifico will always offer the best products at the best prices.



We have been confronting the Covid crisis for the better part of a year. The situation is different in every part of the world. There are countries experiencing severe health emergencies, while others have already reached a stable condition, though we can’t yet call them safe. People all around the world are struggling to go back to work, after months of doubts and uncertainties. Businesses must adapt to a new reality, and the same is true for individuals.

Unfortunately, it is still difficult to really understand the economic consequences of this lockdown. There is little travel, and even less tourism. Hotels, restaurants, and museums (in cities where they are allowed to open) can only accommodate small groups of people.



One of the first clear consequences of the lockdown seems to have been the increase in prices. While gyms, hairdressers, beauticians, schools, and summer camps have all become more expensive, so has food. Many argue that this increase is caused by a surge in production costs: rooms must be sanitized frequently, and productivity is limited due to social distancing requirements. Online companies, on the other hand grew extensively during the lockdown: many consumers preferred to buy the products they needed online. However, after a while, online food prices also began to climb, according to an Adobe Inc. study. Food companies are struggling to meet consumer demands. 



Magnifico has made great efforts to maintain fixed prices. In fact, we have sought to help our customers with a slew of discounts and promotions. That's why today, as always, you can buy the best olive oil Italy has to offer (look for Redoro EVOO), as well as the tastiest tomato sauce (check out Agromonte), for the lowest prices on the market. 

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