September 6th: National COFFEE ICE CREAM Day

September 6th: National COFFEE ICE CREAM Day

Sep 06, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

The United States celebrates National Coffee Ice Cream Day!



The world knows that Italians are particularly fond of 3 things: soccer, pizza, and coffee. 

Some studies show that almost 95% of Italians are coffee drinkers: we like to wake up to its aroma, and we need an espresso to start our day. But an espresso is also a good excuse to take a break and to have a conversation with coworkers and friends. When we go abroad,  the first thing we pack in our suitcases is an espresso maker, and the first question we ask when we go on vacation is whether the hotel breakfast includes espresso. Coffee is an Italian ritual, so you can understand why we rapidly worked to make it into an ice-cream flavor! On September 6th, the United States celebrates National Coffee Ice Cream Day. What a delicious date!



People first started eating coffee ice cream around 1860, but the flavor really took off after 1900. It was made with cream, crushed ice, and coffee syrup. However, the first recorded ice cream flavor in history is Orange Blossom, while chocolate ice cream was invented before vanilla. 

Today, along with vanilla, chocolate, banana, and strawberry, coffee is one of the most beloved ice cream flavors in the world.

It’s easy to celebrate National Coffee Ice Cream Day. In the beautiful, warm days of September, we can go for a walk and make a pit-stop for the celebrated sweet treat, or we can buy a big box of ice cream and eat it at home while watching a movie.



We want to give you some tips on how to make Affogato al Caffè, a tasty Italian treat. It’s a perfect, easy dessert for when you have friends over or when you’re alone. You’ll need an equal amount of scoops of vanilla ice cream and shots of espresso. Put the ice cream in a glass and leave it in the freezer for a few hours. Then, once the glass is cold, take it out and pour a shot of hot espresso over the ice cream. The liquid will slightly melt the cold ice cream. If you are a chocolate lover, add a few pieces of dark chocolate. The most important step in making the perfect affogato is choosing high-quality, aroma-rich coffee. Magnifico suggests you try Nespresso’s Miscela D’Oro capsules: a well-balanced coffee blend with a full body and persistent aftertaste.

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