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Happy National Ice Cream Day 2022!
Jul 15, 2022
In 1984, President Reagan decreed a day for ice cream (every third Sunday in July).
Ten delicious Italian street foods
Dec 09, 2021
Rome and Palermo were recently named among the best top 20 street food cities in the world. Rome took 6th place, Palermo was 16th. Here's our little guide of beloved sweet and savory bites.
Can you believe it? It's National Junk Food Day.
Jul 21, 2021
If you are always adherent to a healthy and balanced diet, you could afford a few minor sins today. So, feel free for a day to snack a little. Enjoy your favorite chips, gelato...
September 6th: National COFFEE ICE CREAM Day
Sep 06, 2020
Some studies show that almost 95% of Italians are coffee drinkers: we like to wake up to its aroma, and we need an espresso to start our day. But an espresso is also a good excuse to take a break and to have a conversation with coworkers and friends.
GELATO, Amore mio!
Jun 11, 2020
Let’s learn some Italian: the word “gelato” literally means “frozen”. Still, the terms gelato and ice cream are not switchable! Even though the primary ingredients are the same (both contain cream, milk, and sugar), the proportions and the process are different...