Can you believe it? It's National Junk Food Day.

Can you believe it? It's National Junk Food Day.

Jul 21, 2021Donatella Mulvoni
Five secrets to make healthy food a little more "comfy."

The holiday we probably didn't need

Health-conscious people of the world, please plug your ears and close your eyes: today in the US, we "celebrate" unhealthy food, alias food typically containing high fats, sugars, salt, and calories and very little nutritional value! There are over 1,500 national days, but we probably would have gladly done without National Junk Food Day.

Junk food, coined in the Seventies, popular today

Jokes aside, did you know that the infamous name of "junk food" was coined in the Seventies? In 1976 the song "Junk Food Junkie" portrayed a person addicted to popular snacks like Twinkies, Fritos, and fast foods like McDonald's and KFC. Today junk food culture is extremely popular in the modern popular culture, in the US as well in Italy.


How to wisely observe #NationalJunkFoodDay

If you are always adherent to a healthy and balanced diet, you could afford a few minor sins today. So, feel free for a day to snack a little. Enjoy your favorite chips, gelato, or sweets without feeling guilty about those extra calories. However, there is a middle way Italian way to eat healthy food while letting go of some small sin. Here are five ways to make your healthy foods more appetizing and comforting.
Steamed vegetables are an unquestionably healthy choice. If you want them to be a little tastier, add some flavors. Use garlic and onionlemon, pepper, but also balsamic vinegarherbs and spices. The taste will become more intense and pleasant. Do not forget about extra virgin olive oil: drizzle a little on your vegetables. Watch out for quality only! Always choose olive oil of the highest quality. Here you will find our selection.
2. Add some Italian Cheese
Sprinkle your vegetables with shaved or diced Parmigiano, Pecorino, or Provolone. Enriching your dishes with Italian cheese is always a good idea!
3. Add some nuts 
Add walnuts, shaved almonds, or hazelnuts to your salad. In addition to being good for your health, they are also delicious. So, the benefits of adding a handful of nuts go beyond just flavor!
4. Sauté in wine
Water is not the only way to steam your vegetable. You choose red or white; the important thing is that it is the best Italian wineWhite wines are usually used to prepare soups, fish dishes, and vegetables, whereas red wines are preferred to prepare meat dishes. For your fruit dishes, you can use sweet wines, such as Passito wines.
5. Chocolate!
And now, last but not least, final advice comes in. Add a tablespoon of delicious, irresistible Nutella or Modica chocolate spread! For example, melt some chocolate as a dip and magically turn your healthy fruit bowl into a dessert. Chocolate spread is simply perfect with banana or strawberry, but also sliced apples. 

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