Italian Mountain Cuisine, a delicious tradition

Italian Mountain Cuisine, a delicious tradition

Jul 17, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

You can find in these territories some of the best Italian dishes, tasty pasta, cheese, and of course wine. We'll give you some ideas


Travel with us: we go to the mountains today

It's July, guys. Every year it is the same story: in wintertime, we go crazy waiting for the summer, and when it arrives, especially in cities like New York, we can't wait until the cold weather is back. Be patient, in the meantime, we want to bring you outside of the big cities and the warm. Travel with us: we go to the mountains today, where even if it is hot, there is always a breeze to restore you. 
Americans know the Italian culinary tradition: the Italian American kitchen is made mainly by reviewed dishes from South Italy and Rome. Italy's mountain cuisine is something we don't talk about much, but it's alive and strong. Today we want to dedicate our blog to it. When you go up, everything changes, even your feeling of hunger. You will find so many tasty dishes ready to warp up you and give you all the energy you need to walk or ski: a lot of meat, seasonal vegetables, potatoes, cheeses, and some of the best red wines

Mountain cuisine is connected to its territory

When we talk about mountains, we think of northern Italy, but we have many in the rest of the country. Think about Alpi and the Aspromonte, the Gran Sasso, or Gennargentu, on the Sardinia island. Mountain cuisine is not unique to all places. Each location has its specificities, of course. But what they have in common is the fact that mountain cuisine is closely connected to its territory. It is a poor, subsistence tradition. In the past, people reckoned with what the earth offered them; they needed substantial meals because living there required so much effort and energy. For this reason, the starters have always been few, unlike the first and second courses.

Forbes dedicated a piece to St. Hubertus

If you are fascinated by this Italian culinary tradition, there are many itineraries you can do. A few days ago, Forbes suggested one, and we want to share it with you. It's about St.Hubertus, a restaurant located on the Dolomite. Of course, it is a Michelin restaurant, where you can find some of the best Italian pasta and recipes
"Since 1996, the restaurant has been under the direction of Norbert Niederkofler, among the country's most acclaimed chefs, who with formidable inventiveness has given the food of his South Tyrol terroir a modern edge and luster, as well as border-transcending renown. Travelers have long visited San Cassiano for the Alpine sports and scenery, but now they also come to taste the work of a maestro turning out some of the most sophisticated cooking in Italy today", the Forbes journalist wrote. This restaurant gives a chance to its visitors to better understand where the food comes from, what the chefs do in the kitchen, or the ingredients they use. It's not just about eating; it's about learning about the culinary tradition of the places we visit. 

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